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Claim Number: 02220
Claimant: Kaikuaana, Sila
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Makaweli, Waimea
Ili: Mahaihui, Peekauai,
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No. 2220, Kila
N.R. 61v9

To the Land Commissioners, greetings from God: I, the one whose name is below, hereby state my claim for a house site in the `Ili of Mahaihai in Makaweli. It is only a house site. On the north and the northeast is a kula, on the southeast is Nawahaolelo, on the west is a stream.
Waimea, Kauai, January 10, 1848

N.R. 403v2
No. 2220, Kila

To the Land Commissioners, greetings: I, the one whose name is below, hereby state my claim for land in the `ili of Namooekolu in Waimea. There are six lo`i bounded on the north by the lo`is of Opu, on the northeast by a kula, on the southeast by Puukapele, on the west by a pali. I have a little claim in the `ili of Kiponaiki for a house lot. On the north is the lo`i of Koewaa, on the northeast is a stream, on the southeast is a fence, on the west are the lo`is of Kakuihewa.
That is my claim of occupation here on Kauai.
At Waimea, Kauai.

No. 2220, Sila Kaikuaana, Claimant
F.T. 188-189v11supp

[Hakuole] I know Claimant's lands. They are as follows:

No. 1 is a moo of 6 lois in the moo of Namooekolu in the ili of Peekauai.
No. 2 is a pahale in the moo of Kipona iki, ili of Peekauai, Waimea, Kauai.
No. 3 is a pahale in the ili of Mahaihai in Makaweli of Kauai.

No. 1 is bounded:
Mauka by the moo Kaluowaka
Hanapepe by kula of the Konohiki
Makai by the moo Pukapele
Mana by pali of Pokii.

No. 2 is bounded:
Mauka by the Kookuakua a loi
Hanapepe by Waimea River
Makai by Kakuohewa's pahale
Mana by two lois.

No. 3 is bounded:
Mauka by the kula of Mahaihai
Hanapepe by Namale's pahale
Makai by Namala's pahale
Mana by Waimea River.

The above land all came into Claimant's possession in the days of Kinau. No. 3 was given by Debora Kapule to Claiman ....

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.... 2 - house lot in the moo of Kiponaiki, ili of Peekauai in Waimea.
Section 3 - house lot in Mahaihai, Makaweli.

Section 1
Makai by Puukapele moo
Mauka by Kaluaoaka moo
Hanapepe by Melaeke pasture
Mana by Pokii pali.

Section 2
Mauka by Kaokuakua loi
Hanapepe by Waimea River
Makai by Kakuihewa's house lot
Mana by Kakuihewa's 2 lois.

Section 3
Mauka by Mahaihai pasture
Hanapepe and Makai by Mamala's house lot
Mana by Waimea River.

Sections 1 and 2 from Kaikioewa to Kaikuaana at the time of Kinau.

Section 3 from S. Debola to the parents of his wife; no objections ever to their heirs of that house lot.

Section 2 from Pawale to Kaikuaana, no objections.

Section 1-3 lois was from Kupio; immediately after this, he received 6 lois during Kinau's time, where he worked, attended Konohiki labor and paid land taxes. In 1848 Keliiahonui took Sila's land without permission and for an unknown reason. I do know it was Sila's land originally to the time Keliiahonui had taken it.

Kahu, sworn, Hakuole's state is right, true and accurate.

Nawaalaau, sworn, I had seen Keliiahonui take the land and here is the reason for it. Keliiahonui was the landlord above Namooekolu. He came to Waimea in June 1848 and soon after this, he discovered from Melieke [that] there were three koeles. The land is small, he thought, and found that his uncle Kupia had many lois. He promised that Kupia would have a land in Kaanaekahi in Hanapepe as exchange for this land here but it was never carried out to the present time; however, I do know this place is for Sila since the time of Kaikioewa to 1850 when it was taken. He has always lived peacefully; until very recently, there were no objections.

[Award 2220 & Award 3586; R.P. 8457; Peekauai Waimea Kona; 2 ap.; 1 rood 6 rods; See 3586 for Native Register document]