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Claim Number: 02149
Claimant: Nihonui
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Aipaako,Kahui
Statistics: 4828 characters 853 words
No. 2149, Nihonui
N.R. 373-374v3

Land claim of Nihonui in Honolulu

To the Land Commissioners: I hereby petition for my land claim. I have 6 lo`i and 1 irrigation ditch in the `ili of Kahui, in the Ahupua`a of Honolulu. They are situated in different places, however all in the one `ili. Because of their various locations it is not possible for me to properly indicate them. 2 lo`i are together with the lo`i of Maau, 2 lo`i are together with the po`alima lo`i of Maau, 1 lot adjoins the po`alima lo`i of Maau, 1 lo`i adjoins the lo`i of Hikiau. Those are my claims. It is not possible to indicate their boundaries because of their various locations.
District 1, Honolulu, Oahu, December 23, 1847

N.T. 103v10
No. 2149, Nihonui, 26 February 1852

Kamaka, sworn, I have seen this land at Aipaako ili land Papu in Honolulu - 6 patches, house site and ditch in one land section.

Mauka, and Waikiki, Kamaka's land, For Hikiau, Hina's land
Waikiki, konohiki Friday patches
Makai, Hohopa's land, Kunawai's ditch
Ewa, Kunawai ili land, close to the water ditch.

This ....

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.... onui did not comply with Hamea's wishes, they opposed Kuiaia.

Hikiau, sworn, I have seen this place just as Hohopa has testified here. Hamea had filed this place over which there is a dispute. J.H. Kaehu had written it in 1847, for a quarter and it has been paid.

I have seen this place since the time of Poki to February. 1848 when Hamea died. The parents died too and they are survived by Kuiaia to this day. I believe this interest is for G.D. Kuiaia, a land bequested by his parents, just as Hamea had requested of Holua and Nihonui in that they should take care of the land for Kuiaia, their nephew. This claim by Nihonui in this interest is purely nonsense and they have been disobedient to the wishes of Hamea. They should have filed a claim for Alewa, Kaolu and Apowale for he and his wife have been citizens of these places, instead of envining [?] Kuiaia's inherited claim. Nihonui has no clear title here, he is a brother-in-law and Holua, the wife of Nihonui, is only called a sister, she is not a member of a generation of grandparents or parents.

Postponed: Until later. (See page 162, G.D. Kuiaia) [See Award 78FL]

[No. 2149 not awarded]