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Claim Number: 00060
Claimant: Hunt, Thomas
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Ewa
Ahupuaa: Waikele
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No. 60, Thomas Hunt, claimant
F.R. 71-72v1

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners to grant land titles. The petition of Thomas Hunt, a citizen of the United States of America, resident of Oahu.

Respectfully represents, that your petitioner has been a resident of the Hawaiian Islands upwards of thirty nine years, married, and has a family of grown up children; that during the earlier period of his residence on these Islands, he was for a number of years in the employ of the native chiefs, particularly in that of Kailaimoku [sic], who took him under his immediate protection, subject to his commands at all times, when his services were required, in fitting out and working their small vessels, or otherwise attendant upon the person of his chief; that he had made several voyages on the northwest coast; & that the proceeds of such voyages as a seaman, received in cash or trade, were in every instance shared with his patron, Kalaimoku; that out of friendship and for faithful services rendered, Kalaimoku voluntarily presented him with the land known by the name of Kapahulu, in the district of Palolo; and that of Kahapupuu in the district of Ewa; the former of which he retained possession of more than four years, and the latter upwards of fifteen years; that your petitioner believes that he can bring forward several individuals who can testify to the above; and that the considers that he has a fair claim to those lands, which were given to him in good faith, although he has been for a length of time deprived of the right of occupying the same.

That your petitioner will be happy to be called upon at the convenience of the Honorable Commissioners, to bring forward the individuals referred to as having ....

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Namahana's sworn testimony:

During the reign of Liholiho, I acquired a property at the death of my older brother. I was an attendant for Kalaimoku for he had the land and it was he who gave it to Hunt. This property, Kapohoula previously belonged to Moehau, and Kalaimoku asked Moehau to give it to Hunt and Moehau did this. Then just prior to Liholiho's trip to Tahiti, Kapohoula took the land back from Hunt. Drinking liquor on the part of Hunt was the reason for this action. He was not doing the work as directed by Kalaimoku and was indulged in habitual drinking; therefore, Kalaimoku gave the property back to Moehau. It was willed to his wife Kamaile when he (Moehau) died. She married Kaiana and upon his death M. Kekuanaoa took the land away and gave it to Kekaulike. (168)

Resumed page 238, Volume II

N.T. 238v2
No. 60, Hunt, from page 99, volume 1

John Ii, sworn by the Bible and he said, I have seen Hunt's house lot. He had first lived there a very long time ago. In the year 1826 perhaps, we with the chief had gone there and I saw (it) again. It was enclosed with a wooden fence at that time. I have not heard who had given him this interest, nor have I known that anyone else has interest there.

See page 243

N.T. 243v2
No. 60 - Hunt From pg. 238

Mika Palani [Mr. French], sworn by the Word of God and he said, I have heard that a group of chiefs had given that land and it was Kaahumanu who had fulfilled this grant, so he had lived on that land in peace to the present time. It has always been kept fenced since that time.

[Award 60; R.P. 592; Waikele Ewa; 1 ap.; .32 Ac.]