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Claim Number: 00055
Claimant: Grimes, E. & H.
Other claimant:
Other name: Lemi
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Hotel St.
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No. 55, E. & H. Grimes, claimants
F.R. 67-68v1

Messers E. & H. Grimes, Bought of William Walker
[Margin note: See No. 146 (William Walker), page 122]

The house and premises known by the name of the Rose House on the Northeast side adjoining the premises of James Robinson & Co. and now occupied by Samuel Thompson on the Southwest side adjoining the premises of Hannah Holmes & Northwest by an alley running from the Seaman's Chapel to the Warren Hotel (so called) now occupied by William Jarrett, for the sum of sixteen hundred and eleven 63/100 dollars.
Received payment, William Walker, X his mark
$1611 63/0100
Witnessed by William Baker, Jr., James Harvey Vanlurgon

Honolulu, Oahu, February 12, 1841
This is to certify that I, Mikaia Keoki, resident of Honolulu Oahu do give to William Walker, a resident of Honolulu, a certain piece of property bounded & described as follows; viz.

On the north by the highway fifty-three feet
On the east by land of James Robinson, eighty-three feet;
On the south by land of Hannah Holmes, eleven feet
On the West by Ellen Holmes' land, one hundred & thirty-five feet. In consideration of the above the said William Walker has given me the premises known in Honolulu by the name of the White Swan, the above exchange being mutual.
Mikaia Keoki
Witness: T. Ball
Received, Honolulu, Oahu, February 12th 1841, Forty-eight dollars for frame of building &c, being in full of all demands.
Witness: T. Ball

F.T. 44v1
Claim No. 55, E and H. Grimes, Counter No. 104, William Walker, June 24 [1846]

Samuel L. Mason, witness sworn deposed, that Samuel S.[?] Walker was in debt to Mr. Grimes between 1400 & 1600 dollars. I know Mr. Grimes presented his bill to Mr. Walker and he had not the means to pay him; and Mr. Grimes said he could not wait much longer for his payment, but must have security on the premises. Mr. Walker asked of a bill of sale would do; and the bill of sale now produced was given; and it was read over in my hearing. Before this paper, Mr. Grimes drew up a paper - a warranty deed, and it was read over to Mr. Walker, and he objected signing it. Walker exchanged for the premises in question the White Swan, with George, a Native. Mr. Neddles holds a mortgage on the White Swan for 225 or 250 dollars.

Testimony resumed page 48

F.T. 48-49v1
Claim No. 55, E & H Grimes, continued from page 44, July 7 [1846]

[Note: this sheet has been patched and is extremely difficult to read, we have done our best to render as much as possible]

William Walker, deposed, I had a partner named James Duncan. He was a person who contracted business [?]side, for which I gave him 770 odd dollars to pay debts. He [contr]acted as he [?] had done, and there became some dis[pute]. I took all the [debt?] on my own head, after having some [?] to settle and we parted; which different gentlemen to which the firm in debt [was?] at that time, made one understand that Grimes [sold?] two notes on the firm, [and again?] we had p[aid] until [?] everything settled. I commenced paying off [the?] debt [of] these two notes. I paid one note, I believe $400. I received credit for it. The next thing [?]chassed between Mr. Grimes gave me encouragement [?] this; he [?] assist me to pay off my debts. Then he [?contracted] with me for [a bundle] of firewood at 6$ per cord to be [?] in Waiore [Waiahole] in Koolau and no further.

(Note: Gave in evidence an original document in Mr. Grimes [?] far as he could to put [it?] ba ....

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.... tgage. 168

See page 79

Work on this property was postponed and will be resumed on July 6, 1846 which is a Tuesday.

N.T. 79-80v1
[No. 55, E. & H. Grimes, Office of the Board of Commissioners Who Quiet Land Titles, Claim of William Walker

James Conton was my associate previously and he had charge of outside rentals. He did not do things right and as a result there was an argument. It was decided by people without blemish that I would be the one to make payments on the debts. We had many debts at that time and he had informed me that we had two bills with Grimes. I made a great effort in paying Grimes with good regular payments. I had paid a bill for four hundred dollars, a little more perhaps, yet that payment was not recorded in my favor in Mr. Lemon's book.

I asked Grimes to help me honestly so that my debt would be paid which he had agreed. Then I gave him a hundred bundles of wood which was on the beach at Waiahole for six dollars per bundle. Later, Mr. Lemon took me aside to tell me that he would take only thirty bundles and asked that I take the remaining bundles and burn them for charcoal. I told him that this would be expensive for me, but he thought that this would enable me to strive harder in making payments for my debt. I went immediately but I had not lived there long when again Mr. Lemon came and asked me to sell the property. I told him that I was not the sole owner, to which he again said that I was the original owner of the property.

There was no reason why it would be impossible for me to lose the property; however, I again refused him. Then he asked me to let him have a mortgage. "What is a mortgage?" I asked him. "It is a lease document of the property," he explained, and I consented with the understanding that my bill would be paid. He further stated that he would not sell, nor give it to anyone else and that was final.

William Baker's sworn testimony

I do not understand these things clearly yet I was the one who wrote the document. I had heard that William Walker was indebted to Grimes in the sum of a thousand dollars or more. They have discussed this; however, I do not know exactly what was said between them but I do know that Grimes wanted an assurance that Walker's debt would be paid. I had heard at that time that a document was made and that Grimes had it.

N.T. 88v1
[No. 55, E. & H. Grimes], Claim of William Walker, Adjustors' Office, July 21, 1846, (from page 81)

Keoki sworn,
Question: Have you an interest in the land Huaka (Walker) is claiming?
Answer: No
Question: Do you know his interest?
Answer: Yes, because I have Huaka's place and Huaka has my place.
Question: When was the transaction made?
Answer: Six or seven years, perhaps and no one had objected.
Question: Where is this place?
Answer: Toward the property of Keaniani.
Question: Where is the place you have given?
Answer: Just seaward of Kamikana's property.
Question: Is it enclosed with fence?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Did you know a house had been carried and set there?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Were there any other people living there?
Answer: No.
Question: Where is the house which was carried there located?
Answer: On Huaka's old lot where I now live.
Question: How did you get that place?
Answer: When the new road was constructed it was ideal to have a house there, so I went to the governor and received it from him.

[No. 55 not awarded]