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Claim Number: 00050
Claimant: Kalaiheana
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kaaoaopa
Statistics: 5619 characters 914 words
No. 50, Kalaiheana, claimant
F.R. 65v1

Document entered in Native Register Page, 60, counter claim of Namauu in Native Register page 157

N.R. 60-61v1
No. 50, Kalaiheana, Honolulu, April 26, 1846

To the Land Commissioners: Kalaiheana has given me the work of claiming his lot. Therefore I give you the basis of his claim. It was founded by Kamehameha I. Here is the main reason: Papa was the poo /head, oldest of the generation/, Kalaiheana was below their kaikuahine, Wanaoa, below her were her kaikunane. They were the three elders. There was one keiki, John Ii, - This is the right. The name of this place is Kaaoaopa, the description being:

Northeast 166 yards
Southeast 101 yards
East66 yards
West 84 yards. This is the yardage of this place.

I will be the one to talk with you.
With thanks,

N.R. 157-158v1
No. 50, [Kalaiheana], Opposed in No. 50, Namauu

Greetings and thanks to the Land Commissioners of His Majesty, the Mo`i in the Hawaiian Islands, with the protection of God and the Lord Jesus Christ: I hereby tell you of our claim for a house lot at Pahua in Honolulu, here is the truth. The place was idle land, there were no house lots, houses or people at this place, and seeing that it was vacant, therefore a house was built and afterwards a house lot was made ....

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.... til the land is surveyed & a clean draft presented.

N.T. 88v1
Kalaiheana - Auwaa, assistant, No. 50 postponed to the 21st day of July.

N.T. 98-99v1
No. 50, Kalaiheana, Claims Office, August 18, 1846

Wahinealii's sworn testimony:
Kalaiheana has no land; when was it given away?

Wahinealii: During Kamehameha I time. At the time they had Liholiho's foster child they took him to this place. Papa had a part of this land; Leleahana, who is my father, also had a parcel. This place had not been enclosed and our property only was enclosed by a fence, but at this time Namauu has put up a fence.

How did Namauu get a claim here?
Perhaps through Kamana, the wife of Papa.

It was agreed that the claim to this property will be settled after a surveyor has been found to survey (the land).

Page 185 [sic]

N.T. 184v1
No. 50, Kalaiheana, March 21, 1847

The officers who quiet land titles met and Ii was sworn by the Bible and testified:

Previously the property which Kalaiheana is claiming had been for Kalaiheana and me, but when Kamehameha returned to Hawaii Kalaiheana ceased living there, while at the chapel here, there were so many other people placed to live there, thus since that time, the land had been detached from Kalaiheana.

[No. 50 not awarded]