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Claim Number: 01708
Claimant: Hina, Abia; wahine
Other claimant:Piikoi, oppose
Other name: Hina, Apia
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Auwaiolimu
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No. 1708, Abia Hina, [wahine]
N.R. 221v3

Land Claim at Auwaiolimu: I have twelve lo`i from Kaihikapu, who got it from Kahele, who had it from Liliha, who had it from the Ali`i nui /the King/. I got this land in 1836, from thence until this seventh day of December, 1847.
Auwaiolimu, Honolulu

Lo`i Claim: Hear ye, John Ii, I petition for our claim which we occupied in Auwaiolimu, one lo`i named Awa. We got this lo`i in 1833 from Keanini who had it from Liliha, who had it from the Ali`i nui. I occupied it from thence to the year 1839, when I was dispossessed by Keaweluahi. I lost it from then until this 7th day of December, 1847, when I petition you.
Auwaiolimu. Honolulu

F.T. 163-169v3
No. 1780, Apia Hina, 17 October [1849]

Paaluhi, sworn, This land is in Honolulu aina in Auwaiolimu, is several pieces.

1. House lot, 1 house, 10 kalo patches & some upland.
Waititi, stream from Pauoa
Makai, Paaluhi
Ewa, Nuuanu road.

2. 1 kalo patch formerly adjoining
Mauka, Puuoni
Waititi, Nuuanu road
Makai, Paaluhi
Ewa, Waikaluhe, land of Kalama.

3. 1 kalo patch:
Mauka, Kaihe
Waititi, Pauoa Stream
Makai, Waiwaiole
Ewa, also.

Claimant had these lands from Keaniani, konohiki, in Kinau's time, and has been held in peace to this time, excepting that in 1842 the konohiki, Piikoi, took away and has held to the present time, the two last lots.

Nia, sworn, confirmed the testimony as true. Piikoi took the two patches without any reason ....

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.... na had these lois till Keaweluahi took them away. Hooliliamanu tried the case and gave them back to Hina, as having a good title. I am not related to Hina and do not live with her.

Kekino recalled, IL know No. 3 was a poalima before Keaniani, came into office as konohiki but never after, for he then apportioned out some poalima among the people.; this among the rest.

N.T. 488-489v3
No. 1708, A. Hina, October 17. 1849

Paaluhi, sworn, I have seen his land at Auwaiolimu in Honolulu district 3 land sections. 1 house, a pasture, 10 taro patches:

Mauka, Naai
Waikiki, a stream
Makai, my land Ewa. Nuuanu street.

2. 1 taro patch:
Mauka, Puuone
Waikiki, Nuuanu street
Makai, Paaluhi's land
Ewa, Kalama.

3. 1 taro patch:
Mauka, Kaihe's land
Waikiki, Pauoa stream
Makai and Ewa, Waiwaiole's land.

Hina received his land from Keanini in 1833 and since then he lived under Keanini to 1842 when two patches of sections II and III were taken by the konohiki, Keaweluahi. At this time Piikoi has the land and life has been peaceful on section I with no objections from anyone.

Nia, sworn, Our testimonies are similar but I think Piikoi had taken those two patches of sections II and III without provocation. Hina has always lived on section I without any objections.

See Foreign Testimonies - Piikoi's protests.

[Award 1708; R.P. 104; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .29 Ac.; R.P. 4563; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .45 Ac.; R.P. 1197; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 1.06 Acs]