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Claim Number: 01630
Claimant: Nuuanu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Waikiki
Ili: Kanewai
Statistics: 4753 characters 793 words
No. 1630, Nuuanu
N.R. 190v3

`ili of Kanewai, Ahupua`a of Waikiki, Oahu. I have three lo`i, one house lot. One of my lo`i is on the east, one is on the west, and one is in the middle.
NUUANU X, his mark

F.T. 152-153v3
No. 1630, Nuuanu

Kala, sworn, This is in Kanewai, Waititi in 2 pieces of kalo land.

1 kalo lot, 1 patch:
Mauka, Kalama
Waialae, Kamaka
Makai, Keonea
Honolulu, waste.

2. Kalo. 1 large patch originally, but in 1846 Kalama, konohiki, cut off half of it and left claimant only the other half. The whole patch is bounded:
Mauka by Kalama
Waialae, Kamaka
Makai, Keonea
Honolulu, stream dividing from waster.

Nanaikalua, konohiki, gave claimant these lots in Kaumi's [Kaomi's] time and held them entire in peace until 1846 when kalama took away half the last lot.

Kaluawaa, sworn, confirmed the testimony above. Kalama took the part referred to for a friend, he has not just complaint ot make against Nuuanu on ground of non-cultivation. The affair was of one description with old times.

N.T. 475 ....

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.... ttendants had cultivated /the land/ and at Kaaoaoloa's death, the land went to Kalaiheana. Nanaikalani is his wife and his own attendants have been cultivating the land to the present time. This is my testimony.

Kuaana /for Nuuanu/, sworn, I had seen this land at the time Kamehameha I had returned from Hawaii. Keona had it originally. Kaaha was the first man to work on that patch and Kaulainamoku was the overseer. Then the land was given to Papa, who in turn gave it to his wife, Kamana. It was she who gave it to her brother and Kaulainamoku gave it to Kaaha, yet Kaulainamoku does have an interest there because the Piliamoo servants of Kiokapu and the servants of Kanewai together with us, the attendants of the chiefs, have worked in that patch and it has been that way to the present time. When Kaulainamoku had died, all of the land was turned over to Kalaiheana, then Nauaikalani gave this patch to Nuuanu, Kalaiheana's wife, but she has not used it in its entirety because the konohiki's pavement work has been in operation to the present time

A decision has been made that this patch is for the konohiki.

[No. 1630 not awarded]