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Claim Number: 01612
Claimant: Kahakai
Other claimant:C. Kanaina opposes
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Waikahalulu
Statistics: 10106 characters 1730 words
No. 1612, Kahakai, Waikahalulu, January 3, 1847
N.R. 186v3

To the Honorable Land Commissioners of the Hawaiian Islands, Greetings: I hereby tell you of my land claim, as directed by the law. This land is at Waikahalulu, Island of Oahu. It is bounded on the north by the mo`o of Po, on the east by the mo`o of Kaanaana and Kunahihi and Keoni and the mo`o of Kahea and Kelilhaiola. Also, two lo`i situated on the south side of my claim are for my landlord. On the west is the stream of Waikahalulu. My second claim is bounded on the north by the land of Kaalaa, on the east by the houses of Keoki, on the south by the land of Keoki, on the rest by the land of Kapakukae. Kiha gave me these claims.

N.T. 234v10
No. 1612, Kahakai (see page 236) 11 June 1853, Vs. C. Kanaina no H. Kalama

Kapohaku, sworn, I have seen his land sections at Waikahalulu of Honolulu, Kona, Oahu, having 8 patches in one piece of land.

Mauka, Lo's land
Waikiki, Kaanaana's land
Makai, Kaauwaepaa's land
Ewa, Waikahalulu Stream.

Land from Moe at the time of Kaomi before 1836. He had lived here until he died in the month of June 1848. I had not heard that Kahekai had bequested to any-one and since his death to the present day. Naiani, his wife, has been work and farming and she is still there since the time of Kaomi. I have not heard any objections from C. Kanaina.

Kahoomaeha (Mrs.), sworn, I have seen Hahakai receive this land at the time of Kaomi and from Kaomi himself and he lived there until his death. Kahakai's wife, Naiani received the land by bequest while C. Kanaina received the rest of the estate. Naniani has had the custody of the land to the present day.

Kaohimaunu, (Mrs.), sworn, I am a native of Waikahalulu since the time of Kaomi, I have definitely seen Kahakai's land there, where he had always lived and died, at which time he bequested land to his wife, no objection and no poalima in this land.

C. Kanaina - while we were living there, did you see Kahakai engaged in cultivation?
Kaohimaunu - I was there at the time, but I had not heard it had been bequested to you.

Naniani, wife of Kahakai - I have not returned this claim to C. Kanaina.

DECISION: This claim shall be certified in the name of Kahakai because it is a true claim and C. Kanaina's objections have been worthless.

N.T. 236-237v10
No. 1612, Kahakai 21 June 1853, Vs. C. Kanaina (from page 2 ....

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.... ) Have you seen the boundaries of Kahakai's own land?
(Answer) Yes.
(Question) Who is above here?
(Answer) A ditch is the boundary above here.
(Question) Who is by the stream?
(Answer) A stream is there.
(Question) Who is makai?
(Answer) A land.
(Question) Who is mauka?
(Answer) A large pool (with an overhanging cliff).
(Question) What is mauka, is it a large pool?
(Answer) No, it is a small pool.
(Question) How many patches has Kahakai in this place, of which the boundaries are given by you?
(Answer) He has only two patches, all of the rest of the patches are for the konohiki.

POSTPONED: Until the land officers have personally looked at this land of Kahakai. See page 240.

N.T. 240v10
No. 1612, Kahaki (from page 236), 30 June 1853, vs C. Kanaina (for H. Kalama)

Kalwela, sworn, the land was always with me and my husband, Kekukaheko. Poipuupuu was a koele patch on which we and our people worked, Kohelepo, also was a koele. We had received this land when the chiefs returned to Hawaii and we lived to the time of Kaomi. We have since moved to another land and have not known to the present time whether koele work has been in operation.

Kunahihi, sworn, I am living in Waikahalulu at present. The first time I lived there was immediately after the death of Kaomi and Piko was the konohiki. I saw the patch, Poipuupuu at this time and we worked on konohiki days. We did not cultivate Kohelepo but we continued to work in Poipuupuu until the land was taken by Kahakai. The taro which has been grown since that time to this day has been for Kahakai.

Wahineaea, sworn, I have known in the same way as Kalawela before the year 1831 and before the laws of this government were in effect.

Kaohimaunu, sworn, Kaomi had given this patch Poipuupuu to Kahakai a very long time ago in 1831 when he was konohiki for all of Waikahalulu. Kaomi was released, still the patch had not been a Friday. When Piho had become konohiki, Kahakai still had the land and the tenants of the land have never worked in the patch to this day. It is only now that I have heard it had been a koele.

Kahoomaeha, sworn, Kahakai has eight patches. I have not seen the koele patch Poipuupuu, I have never heard this name for this patch and I have never seen the people of Waikahalulu farming on this land of Kahakai since the time of Poki to the present time.

[Award 1612; R.P. 2367; Waikahalulu Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; .63 Ac.]