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01331 Moo, husband
Claim Number: 01331
Claimant: Hoa, wahine
Other claimant:Moo, husband
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Puiwa
Statistics: 3335 characters 517 words
No. 1331, Hoa
N.R. 76v3

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I, Hoa, hereby tell of my claim in the `ili of Puiwa in Nuuanu, Island of Oahu, consisting of four lo`i, one kula and one house lot. Two lo`is are at the stream, on the west side of the lo`is of Luau and on the east are the lo`is of Malulu. The kula is on the south of the kula of Manuela. The house lot adjoins the north side of the kula Manuela. The two lo`i just above are bounded on the north by the lo`i of Lililehua, on the east by the lo`is of Lupua, on the south by the kula of Puahiki, on the west by the house of Naimu.
Puiwa, Nuuanu, December 8, 1847

F.T. 484v2
Cl. 1331, Hoa, See page 489, September 18, 1848

Claimant not in attendance.

F.T. 489-490v2
Cl. 1331, Hoa wahine, from page 484, September 20, 1848

[margin note: Mr. Lee's notes]

Lililehua, sworn, This land is in the ili of Puiwa, Nuuanu, consisting of 6 kalo patches and one kula land, a house in 4 pieces.

1. House lot, bounded:

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.... re and 1 house lot.

1 - 1 house lot:
Mauka is Puahiki's place
Waikiki, Manuela's place
Makai, Luau's land
Ewa, my place.

She has one for herself but it has no enclosure. She also has a husband named Moo.

2 - 4 taro patches:
Mauka, Koianai's land
Waikiki, Kewalo
Makai, Luau's land
Ewa, Manuela's land.

3 - 2 taro patches:
Mauka, Luau's land
Waikiki, Puahiki's land
Makai, Naimu's land
Ewa, my place.

4 - 1 pasture no fence, no house
Mauka, Puahiki's land
Waikiki, Koiamai's land
Makai Hoa's land
Ewa, Manuela's land.

Hoa had received her land during the time of Kamehameha II from Koiamai and she has lived there since that time to the present; no one has objected. Koiamai was the konohiki under Kekuanaoa who owns Puiwa.

Puahiki, sworn, Our (two) testimonies are similar to Lililehua's report; no one has objected.

[Award 1331; R.P. 575; Puiwa Nuuanu Kona; 4 ap.; 2.4 Acs]