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Claim Number: 00031
Claimant: Napahi & Kualaula
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Beretania St.
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No. 31, Napahe & Kualaula, Claimants
F.R. 43v1

[Margin note: Presented 3 o'clock P.M. 27th April]

1 document entered in Native Register, Page 47

N.R. 47-48v1
No. 31, Napahi and Kekualaula, Pelekane, April 10, 1846

I petition to you, Kaauwai, for my place above Pelekane. I request the Land Commissioners to investigate the claim for my house lot. My sister gave me Kuhela's lot, this was how I got my kuleana. Two houses of Kuhela's were given to me and all the furnishings. In the old days it was from Boki that Kuhela ma had this place. Kamehameha III gave it us up to this time, when the upland pipe /mauka paipu/ which belongs to Keohokalole /exists,/ That is her right over Napahi, so that our place has been taken away at various times. We wish to have this place returned to us. Furthermore, we explain that this document has been delayed because of my sickness.

Napahi and Kekaula's idea
By Kapau


Pelekane, April 109 1846
Our petition to you, Kaauwai, is to return my lot and I will tell of the rights of the one from whom, /I got/ my lot. It was from Mahoe. Only the upper part was our King's, which he gave to us, the people, That was taken from our lot, therefore we ask you, the commissioners, to return my lot which Mahoe surveyed at this place. For Liliha.
KEKUALAULA Written by Kapau

F.T. 39-40v1
Claim No. 31, Napahi & Kualaula, June 23 1846

Kaiahua, witness sworn deposed, she is the widow of Aikanaka, but disclaims any right to the land in question of any name or nature. Witness is not the mother of Aikanaka Keolu Kaolohi. In 1831 when Liilia was turned out of office, my husband was appointed steward of the King & he begged of Liilia a place to build houses for his servants. She gave him the land in question. That place properly belonged to Liilia. We first built a little flat house upon it to put our calabashes in and other little things, but it would not hold them all; then sent to Manoa, and got some timber which we had there; and built a larger house, afterwards we built another house; and the people of our lands together with our servants thatched them. No other person had any connection with us. This man Kualaula and other servants of ours occupied the ho ....

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.... the reason for this?
Kekuakaula: A residence for the attendants who took care of the chief's belongings.
Question: Were there houses built there?
Kekuakaula: Yes.
Question: What was in there?
Kekuakaula: Wooden (calabashes) furnishings and belongings.
Question: Did anyone else live there?
Kekuakaula: Aikanaka (did), and I was the attendant. I had custody of the wooden belongings and of the chief's garments. These two things were in my care.
Question: Does Napahi and Kapau have any interest there?
Kekuakaula: They have no claim for it is my interest under which they live.
Question: When did they leave?
Kekuakaula: They left after the chief had taken Nahienaena to Maui.

It is postponed to the 30th day of June to work on Napahi and Kapau's claim on that property as to whether they have an interest or they do not (have any).

Kahoowaha's work is postponed to the 30th day of June which is a Tuesday.

D. Lyons Kuwalao and the Waiaha claim is postponed to June 30th which is a Tuesday.

See page 81

N.T. 81v1
[No. 31], Claims of Napahi ma (plural), Office of the Board of Commissioners Who Quiet Land Titles, Kauwila Building, Honolulu, July 8, 1846,

Apii sworn:
Question: What do you know about that property?
Answer: Both Napahi and Kekualaula had separate lots.
Question: Who gave them the lands?
Answer: Napahi received his property from Kuhela and Kekualaula received his (property) from Mahoe.
Question: Who gave Mahoe (his property)?
Answer: Kauhi (did).
Question: How long did they live on their lands?
Answer: Up to the year 1830 after Boki went to Kahiki [Tahiti].
Question: When was Kekualaula?
Answer: When Liliha was impeached, Kekualaula returned at the time Aikanaka became chief.

The testimony on the property of Napahi and Kekualaula has been concluded and pending the commissioners decision.

N.T. 102v1
These are people who have been summoned to appear on that Tuesday to state their claim., Kaaione, Napahi, Nakookoo, Unauna,

Adjustor's Office, Tuesday, August 25, 1846
Kaaione, Napahi, Nakookoo ) Work for these people were laid aside, for they have been done before.

[Award 31; no R.P.; Beretania St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .35 Ac.; TMK 1-2-3-22]