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Claim Number: 00030
Claimant: Kahoowaha
Other claimant:
Other name: Kahooaahaa
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kapuukolo
Statistics: 9956 characters 1621 words
No. 30, Kahoowaha, Claimant
F.R. 43v1

[Margin note: Presented 2 o'clock P.M. 24th April]

1 document entered in Native Register, Page 46

N.R. 46-47v1
No.30, Kahoowaha, Puukolo, April 20, 1846

To the Land Commissioners: This is a description of the place where my parents lived, Kapuukolo. From the time of Kamehameha I and the battle of Nuuanu my parents lived there and then Kuihelani came. When they died I was their heir to their house site of Kapuukolo. This is my place which I petition for an edge of my place to be returned. A place thirty(sic) five wide (sic) was taken. This was taken by the strangers at Kapuukolo. Although I forbade them to do such a bad thing, their slippery actions resulted in their houses being in the wrong place, from that time to this. Therefore I explain it to you who remove the troubles of the government, so this trouble can be ended.

F.T. 34-35v1
Claim No. 30, Kahooaahaa, June 16 [1846]

Paahana, witness, sworn, deposed, the claimant's yard at Puukole is surrounded by a fence built by his father. Mere small fences surround the house. At the time of Kuihelani I know that his father lived in that place; claimant was the sole heir of his father; who died before Kamehameha Ist. Claimant's aunts also lived in the same yard - of whom are dead. Claimant's father was a fisherman, and others lived there as assistants. There are six houses in the yard, separated by little fence.

Kaihu, witness, sworn deposed, the place which claimant occupies belonged to Kukulauipo, claimant's father. Claimant with his sister are the only heirs. The parents did not occupy it long, but died early and it fell to the claimants (Note: witnessed [sic] described boundaries the whole is now surrounded with a fence, but now by the new road, the yard is cut in two. There are numerous houses and many people in the same yard with claimant; different occupants united in building the fences; the whole place has belonged to claimant from the time of his father down.

Kaiahakake, witness, sworn deposed, there are six houses in claimant's yard. The houses are his in virtue of his owning the land. Witness is Aunt of claimant. She has lived in the same yard from her childhood. We joined together in building the houses, but the land belonged to claimant. There is a small fence running th ....

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.... ;s mother, when she died she willed the houselot to the one after her (the person replacing her in position) and I was her subject.
Question: Is that Kahoowaha's property?
Halawa: Yes.
Question: Who gave (him) the property?
Halawa: Kukalanipo, his father.
Question: Is this all you know?
Halawa: Yes.

The Napahi and the Kekualaula claim is postponed to the 6th day of July, due to a problem by the land officers.

See Kinopu's objection, page 356 of Book II of the testimonies.

See continued page 214, Volume 10

N.T. 70v1
Kahoowaha's work is postponed to the 30th day of June which is a Tuesday.

N.T. 214-215v10
No. 30, Kahoowaha (see page 61, Vol. 1), vs. Keo Bolabola

Makaioulu, sworn, I was a native during the time of Kamehameha I, my wife was from this land and she died here. I have seen this place over which there is a dispute between Kahoowaha and Joe Ii the beginning, I had known it was for Kahoowaha during the time of Kamehameha I, Kuihelani was the tenant and Kukalanipo was the fisherman. Upon Kuihelani's death, this land was bequested to Kauwaumakea and Kukalanipo was still the fisherman. The place was not enclosed, but house have been built and each individual place under Kukalanipo has a fence, when Kukalanipo died during the reign of King Liholiho.

Kekuanui, his own brother-in-law inherited the land and he lived there. He built a wooden fence for one side of this place and left the other side open because the nets were there. He lived there till his death at the time Liholiho died in Britain. He had bequested his land and estate to his punalua, Ohuaole. Ohuaole lived there; later, immediately after the death of Nahienaena and Kinau was yet alive, I saw Kawai with two other persons come from Waialua and lived with his friends, Kina and Koalakahi. Later he was evicted for having mischievously put out the lamp one evening, then his wife acted as a wife to Ohuaole and Ohuaole gave them a house upon her request to live under him. The place was to be returned to Ohuaole should Kawai decide to leave the place. He has lived there since he had received the place to the present. I have not known that he had filed a claim for this time, I have known this only now.

Postponed: Until another witness is available.

[Award 30; R.P. 1809; Kapuukolo Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; .21 Ac.]