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Claim Number: 00026
Claimant: Dudoit, Jules
Other claimant:
Other name: Dudoro
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Beretania St.
Statistics: 6739 characters 1083 words
No. 26, J. Dudoit, Claimant
F.R. 41v1

[Margin note: Presented 4 o'clock P.M. 21st April]

1 document entered in Native Register, Page 50, Returned on the 18th October 1847 to Mr. Dudoit at the Office. JHL. Secretary.

N.R. 50-51v1
No. 26, J. Dudoit

I. Kamehameha III, do hereby give that parcel of land In the city of Honolulu, to Dudoit, the French Consul, living on Oahu, and his heirs and representatives, and if he sells he must first disclose to the King. Here is a description of said land:
On the south side of the road which goes to Waikiki, 31 yards. East,
44 yards, North 31 yards, Northwest 14 yards, West 33 yards.

These are the boundaries of that land which I have given to Dudoit. This parcel is called a pentagon, with unequal sides. Registered at Honolulu, Oahu, in the month of February, 27th day In the year of our Lord, 1840.
(See sketch) [not in this text]

N.R. 58-60v1
No. 26, J. Dudoit

I, Matthew Kekuanao, the Governor, together with G. Laanui, hereby lease to Mr. Dudoit, a certain piece of land up at Kawananakoa, Honolulu, Oahu. The boundaries of said land are as follows: beginning at the East at a pile of stones above the watercourse and running in a northerly direction to the west corner, five chains and 43 feet, which is the length of the north side, then turning and running westerly to the Northwest corner of a tarrow patch, two chains and 60 feet /See translator's note at end/, which is the breadth then turning and running along the north side of the tarrow patch to the east corner, three chains, then turn ....

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.... estion: Whose property is Kawananakoa's property?

M. Kekuanaoa: At the time the ili lands of Honolulu (here) were being divided, 33 were allotted for Kaahumanu and 33 for King Kauikeaouli. Kaahumanu received her share from the King; Kinau received her interest from Kaahumanu; Victoria received her interest from Kinau and it is for Victoria at the present time.

Question: And what is G. Laanui's interest?
M. Kekuanaoa: The dry patches.

M. Kekuanaoa was sworn to testimony for G. Laanui's rights.
Of G. Laanui's interest, Kaahumanu had given to Kuakini, Kuakini to Kailimelemele and Kailimelemele gave G. Laanui some lands for planting.
Question: Did those patches extend into the property that has been acquired by J. Dudoit?
M. Kekuanaoa: No, those patches did not reach (there).

Question: Where is the place of G. Laanui's interest?
M. Kekuanaoa: The old lot of Laanui which he had fenced in as his potato patch is the area taken by J. Dudoit. He lives there as his interest in the old lot.

Question: What is the reason for Victoria's rights?
M. Kekuanaoa: Paki and Liliha had conspired to beat Kinau and to provoke war because Liliha had Oahu (here) and for this offense Kaahumanu took rights and Oahu, and that is Victoria's rights on Oahu and all of Hawaii

Question: And what is the annual rent of that land?
M. Kekuanaoa: $35.00 perhaps.

Question: What do you do with that money?
M. Kekuanaoa: Some is for Victoria and some is for me.

[Award 26; R.P. 4; Beretania St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .37 Ac.; tmk 1-2-1-09l See also Wm. French 4882 for Dudoit documents]