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Claim Number: 00961
Claimant: Kalaaulana
Other claimant:Kawahakui, opposes
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Smith St.
Statistics: 5015 characters 834 words
No. 961, Kalaaulana
N.R. 562-564v2

In the month of September, 1832, Kuakini gave me the place of Kapule wahine, and from that time to this, that place has been mine, given me because of my "burden on the feet." Therefore it was transferred absolutely to me. That place was /compensation for/ the sweat of my brow. Kapule wahine was fined in connection with the moekolohe /adultery/ law and since she did not have the money, she lost the land. Because of our relationship, I sympathized and I returned her to live in the house. However, it was under my authority. She lived there, and when close to death she bequeathed it to someone else /although/ it was not hers to do thus. Because of this, I am telling you of it, the ones who administer the claims for house lots.
Witness: Mahana

December 5th, A.D. 184[left blank]
In the month of November 18, 1832, when Kuakini was Governor of Oahu, I asked him for a place to put a house and he agreed without hesita-tion, saying to me, "Go and find a separate place and when you find it, build your house." I went and sought a place, and found this, unused, unfenced, and with no house there. It was full of big holes, unsuitable for building a house. I was doubtful as to the value and then I thought of digging to combine the holes and using the cast up soil to build a house on. Because of this work a pond was made, and the sand was heaped up and a house built on it. When the building and thatch were finished, it was occupied. I employed /workers/ to make the fence with salmon /salted/ and mamaki /tapa cloth/.

This is the explanation o ....

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.... />N.T. 32-33v3
No. 961, Kalaaulana, May 1 [1848]

Mahana, sworn and stated, "I have seen Kalaaulana's house lot here in Honolulu and the boundaries are:

Merchant street, mountainside
Kekuanaoa's lot, Waikiki
Makai street, toward the sea
Pu-hiea's house lot, Ewa.

Kalaaulana's house lot had been from Kuakini in the year 1832 and he has lived there since that time to the present. The place has been enclosed and three houses are in there, one of which is for Kaaipuaa, two for Kalaaulana and there are other houses in there. No one has ever objected to this place.

2. The other house lot is at another locality in Honolulu here, the boundaries of which are thus:

Haelo's lot, Ewa
Puaa's lot, toward the mountain
a small street leading to the front of L. Smith's schoolhouse, Waikiki.

This property has been enclosed and Kalaaulana, Mumuku and Pahea each has a house there; however, there is a protestor to this house lot, his name is Kawahakui. The people who are living there do so under Kalaaulana. Kawahakui is protesting because he is the heir of Kapule and Kapule had lived there."

Mumuku, sworn and stated, "I have seen this house lot which Kalaaulana is claiming; however, I have heard that house lot is for Kapule and that Kalaaulana has the house only. The boundaries are as Mahana has stated here. Kawahakui is Kapule's heir, he is his son (nephew?)."

The officers who quiet land titles have decided that the property is for Kawahakui. J.L.N.

[No. 961 not awarded]