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Claim Number: 00919
Claimant: Keaweluahi
Other claimant:Kawaalauki, wife; Kukona, heir
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kamakela, Mulihopu, Kauluwela
Statistics: 10810 characters 1692 words
No. 919, Keaweluahi, Honolulu, September 24, 1847
N.R. 531-532v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby tell you of my house lot claims. There are three lots here in Honolulu at Mulihopu. They are together and the outer boundaries of these three lots are: on the north, a pali and Nanauli's lot, on the east, a kula, and Wahine's taro patch, on the south, Solomon's patch and the fence of Keone, west, same fence of Keone, and the pali. Lot I was given me by Kauila when he returned permanently to Hawaii. Lot 2 was unused and Haalilio told me to find a place, therefore, I made this place, built a house and a fence, in 1837. Lot 3 was unused and I made a fence and planted crops in 1844. I have held these places peacefully with no objections.

There is also a lot on the north side of the Estuary. Kaiamaneo adjoins on the east, on the west is the lot of Lukahili, on the north is a pond. Makahopu gave me this place in 1837, and in 1844 a fence was made and a single house built in it. It has been held peacefully with no objections.

I also have a fifth lot on the north side of the Estuary, which is bounded on the north by the lot of Kahoomoe on the east by a stream, on the south by the Estuary, on the west, a road. In 1838 this was idle land and I built a house and a fence. It has been held peacefully with no objections.

I also have two patches at Kamakela in Honolulu, adjoining the poalima patch of Kaha. I have held these patches peacefully under the konohiki.

I also have four patches at Auwaiolimu in Honolulu, three of them are together, next to the stream, and also adjoining the po`alima patch of Kaleokekoi. The fourth patch adjoins the makai side of this po`alima patch.

I have another small lot at Kauluwela in Honolulu, which was given me by Kaule and I have two houses in it. I have had it peacefully with no objections.

F.T. 259-261v2
Claim 919, Keaweluahi, 3 April [1848]

No. 1 lands consisting of six lots, the 1st including the second in the original claim.

No. 2 Lands consisting of 1 lot containing 3 kalo patches.

1 & 2. Kukona, sworn, This place is in Honolulu aina, bounded:
Makai by a ravine
Waititi by Keoni's yard
Mauka by Nanuli's
Ewa by a ravine.

It is fenced and has two houses on it belonging to claimant. He took it up in Kinau's time as waste land.

3. this is near the other & bounded:
Mauka by vacant land
Waititi by Solomona's kalo patches
Makai by Keoni's land
Ewa by Naheana's.

It is fenced, and has 3 houses of claimant's, who got this place f ....

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.... N.T. 675v3
No. 919, Keaweluahi, Section 4; Protest, Kalaeokekoi, October 2, 1850

Kukona, the heir of Keaweluahi, and Nakookoo, the konohiki of Kamakela, had come before the land officers for a dispute between them for a section of land at Kamakela in Honolulu, Oahu.

Kaheana, sworn, I am a native of Kamakela in Honolulu district and I have seen this place over which there is a dispute.

I have not known about that place Keaweluahi is saying is his from Makahopu because at the time Makahopu had it, it was so neglected as well as left idle. Kukona's testimony on the boundaries of the entire lot is correct.

The house which is standing there since 1843 is mine and I live the re because I am Keaweluahi's servant working with water as a business venture. I believe the konohiki is right although I do not understand very well, I have only heard him say about seeking wealth.

Pahua /witness for Kukona/, sworn, I have definitely seen Keaweluahi working on that place and managing everything on it in 1843, where he has lived to the present time. It is now only we know there is an objection, but I think that place is for the konohiki, although I do not know how Keaweluahi had possessed it and from whom he had received his interest. That is my information.

It has been agreed that the acquiring of those land sections by Keaweluahi is in order. It should not be dissolved; he has a fee simple title /alodio/.

N.T. 371v10
No. 919, Keaweluahi (Copy)

I am the wife of Keaweluahi (deceased) of Honolulu. My husband had filed for a claim in Auwaiolimu; however, some people who have always lived in these places have also filed and because these are true claims, the land commissioners who settle claims have certified them. Therefore, all of our interest are in the possession of others by this action, we have no claim, none whatever. I, hereby say Keaweluahi has no interest left on this land from the day others have had a certification to the present day. All decisions and insistences which have been placed upon our claim in Auwaiolimu shall be of naught from this day henceforth. In truth I attach my signature on behalf of Keaweluahi on this 13th day of July 1854 in Honolulu.
Witness: J. L. Nailiili

[Award 919; R.P. 317; Kamakela Honolulu Kona; 3 apana togerher 1142 fathoms 9 Feet; R.P. 318; Kamakela Honolulu Kona; Apana 5, 53 Fathoms 28 Feet; R.P. 319, Kamakela Honolulu Kona, Apana 6; 690 Fathoms 5 Feet; R.P. 320, Apana 9; Kamakela Honolulu Kona; 1127 Fathoms 26 Feet; Total 4 ap.; 1.88 Acs; See also R.P. 81, to Kukona & Kawaalauki for Kamakela 390 fathoms]