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Claim Number: 00850
Claimant: Dominis, Mrs. John
Other claimant:
Other name: Mary Dominis
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Washington Place / Beretania St.
Statistics: 6320 characters 1051 words
Claim No. 850, Mrs. John Dominis
F.R. 115-117v2

To Honorable William L. Lee & others, Commissioners &c for quieting land titles.

At the request of Mrs. John Dominis, I have the honor to submit for the inspection and decision of your honorable body, her husband's title to the land built upon and occupied at present by herself, in the village of Honolulu. The deed of sale in itself, will I presume, be sufficient for you honorable body to decide upon, but should any other evidence on her part be necessary, she will feel obliged to be informed of the same.
Signed, C, Francis Johnson
Honolulu, November 2, 1847

Know all men by these presents, that I, Richard Charlton, a subject of her Brittanic Majesty, at present, her Majesty's Consul at the Sandwich islands, for and in consideration of the sum of six hundred dollars paid to me by John Dominus [Dominis], a citizen of the United States of American, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, do hereby give, grant, sell & convey, to the said John Dominus, his heirs and assigns, a certain tract and parcel of land bounded as follows:

On the southwest wall of the land known to be mine (as pe [sic per] deed or copy of which is hereunto attached) the length of one hundred & six-five feet
On this northwest side along the wall recently built by his Majesty, Kamehameha III, a distance of three hundred & twenty-five feet
At the end of the said wall and running at a right angle with it a length of one hundred and ten feet
On the side of the road leading from the street to my wall two hundred and six feet and
Across to the aforesaid wall by his Majesty as aforesaid, the length of one hundred & eight-eight feet.

As per plan hereunto annexed for the unexpired term of two hundred and ninety-nine years from the fifth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred & twenty-six to have and to hold the same unto the said John Dominus [sic], his heirs & assigns, to his and their use & behoof. And I do cove ....

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.... Charlton to John Dominis, husband of claimant of the land in questions, dated 26th of December 1840, witnessed by J.F. Greenway, E. Espenor and T.H. Tresilian [Nesitian?) (for copy of deed see Register page 115, volume II)

R.W. Holt, sworn, I know the witnesses to this deed, and none of them are now in this Kingdom. Greenway left in 1846 and was deranged at that time. Espenor left in a whale ship about the same time, and his residence is unknown. Tresillian has left; I have not seen him for many years. I am well acquainted with their hand writing and have done business with all of them; their signatures to this deed are in my opinion, genuine.

I am well acquainted with Richard Charlton's handwriting. I have seen him sign his name very often, and I believe his signature to this deed is genuine. I have compared it with his signatures which I know to be genuine, and I should say it was the same.

Joseph H. Smith, sworn, I am acquainted with Richard Charlton's hand writing, and I should say that his signature to this deed was genuine. It corresponds with all his signatures that I have seen. I have often seen write his name, or that which I knew to be written by him.

N.T. 110v3
No. 850, W. Mary Dominis, June 19, 1848

The first witness for this interest is the land conveyance document from Charlton to Dominis written on the 26th of December, 1840, and the number of witnesses in that document who are: G. F. Greenway, E. Espenor and T. H. Nesitin.

W. Holt, sworn and he said, I am familiar with the handwriting of the witnesses in the land bill of sale, but they are all gone; no one has remained here. Espena sailed on the ship Okohola; I do not know his address. I also do not know all of their addresses.

G. H. Smith, sworn and said, I have seen Charlton's handwriting and those of the witnesses and I believe those are their signatures on the land bill of sale which belongs to Dominis.

[Award 850; R.P. 3462; Washington Place, Beretania St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 1.25 Acs.; See also award 4888]