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Claim Number: 00823
Claimant: Ekikalaka
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Kaupo, Kipahulu
Ahupuaa: Kumunui, Alae
Ili: Kukoae, Waipouli
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No. 823, Ekikalaka, Kipahulu, Ahupua`a of Alae, October 5, 1847
N.R. 452-453v2

Greetings, O Kaauwai: I hereby explain my claims: 1. land claim; 2. house claim; 3. lot claim; 4. claim for teaching the students here at Alae; 5. claim for the animals. Those are the claims for you to know of, being appointed by the government. I will explain to you my house lot claim in my residence at Kaupo. I formerly lived at Mokulau and because of trouble at this place I returned as main teacher and I consented to you to take over the district of Keliiahonui at Nuu. I asked, and he consented, and a house lot was fenced completely. Kiha came in 1847 - they came for the school examinations. Kiha spoke to me about going to Kipahulu to live there as substitute for Kalaaupaakualani. I said to Kiha, "What about my house lot?"

Kiha replied "This house lot is the government's and the government will make you a house lot at Kipahulu." I agreed with Kiha and then afterwards, Wahapaa, the konohiki, heard, and sent to withhold /the lot/. I said "it is not I - it is best for you to agree." But Wahapaa was very stubborn. "Since you are being so difficult, you can divide up my house lot at Kipahulu." He agreed, but did not come to divide, until this 5th day of October. This is my explanation to you. Is the claim for the house lot for Wahapaa, and not for me? This is my little thought to you, for you to record in your book.
Farewell and peace to you,

F.T. 104v1 ....

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.... sweet potato and taro.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by Kawau's land
Hana by Waiwaiole's land
Makai by Konohiki's land
Kaupo by Auka's land.

He has received this land in 1847 and has peacefully lived there since.

Kalaealoha, sworn, our knowledge is the same.

Decided to look at and to divide some for the konohiki. The division was made makai of the road at the markers.

Kahoouluwaa, sworn, I know his house lot section in the ahupuaa of Kumunui, Kaupo.
Mauka by Konohiki's land
Hana by Wm. Harbottle's land
Makai by Government path
Kahikinui by Kepio's land.

He received this place from Manono in 1843, as a school teacher and he built a school house there and he rented out the surrounding yard and that is where the school house is now standing at the present time but the entire yard has been taken by the government. The first school house that stood there was made by the government and the yard was rented with the personal property of Ekikalaka all the way around. When Manono left, Keliiahonui came and he made a regular request for it and this land became his but the government has contested it and he is considering returning it as government possession for damages of $25.00.

/English/ note: by E. Bailey, Claimant relinquished his claim on the above lot in consideration for a lot surveyed for him in another place

[Award 823; R.P. 7812; Alaenui Holumanu Kipahulu; 1 ap. 3.43 Acs; Waipouli & Kukoae Kaupo; 1 ap.; 4.85 Acs]