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Claim Number: 00784
Claimant: Robinson, James & Co.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Queen St.
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Claim No. 784 to 790 inclusive, James Robinson & Co.
F.R. 108-109v

To the Board of Commissioners for quieting land titles, Gentlemen:
We beg leave to present you with the following claims for lands situated on this Island.

784. 1. The wharf, commonly called the point, and granted to James Robinson and William Pitt by Karaimoku.

785. 2. Land situated in Nuuanu Valley, near the lower falls, called Pakeokue; together with a land of the same name higher up [in] the valley, just above the cemetery, with the land on the opposite side of the wall called Pualoaloi; granted to James Robinson by Boki, (Received 2 surveys 8th November 1848).

786. 3. The land & premises called the Blonde; purchased from Samuel Dowsett, by James Robinson, Robert Lawrence and Joseph Elleott. (Received Survey 8, November 1848).

787. 4. The land and Premises now occupied by Samuel Thompson, opposite the Seamen's Chapel; and purchased from Alexander Smith by James Robinson, Robert Lawrence and Joseph Elleott (Received Survey of this lot, 8 November 18248)

788. 5. The land & premises nearly opposite the Residence of Dr. Rooke and Mr. Skinner; and purchased from John Kellett by James Robinson, Robert Lawrance & Robert W. Holts [sic] (Received Survey 8 November 1848).

789. 6. A land at Wailua purchased from Joseph Lovell by James Robinson, Robert W. Holt & Joseph Booth
[Margin note: withdrawn]

790. 7. The land & Premises called the Canton Hotel, formerly belonging to William French; and purchased by James Robinson, Robert Lawrance and Robert W. Holt (Received Survey 8 November 1848)
James Robinson & Co.
Honolulu, Oahu, October 14, 1849

[Footnote: Original Deed of claim 784, 878, 788 and 790 (deeds 3 [sic?]) this day certified to have been received form Dr. Lee at his Office about March last, brought here this day and taken away again by Mr. Holt at the same time. JHL. 15 November 1848]

F.T. 125-133v2
Claims 784 to 790, James Robinson & Co., January 5, [1847]

[Margin note: deed left and conveyed to Mr. Lee and by him to Robinson & Co. Essentially obtaining his information from J.R. and having been notified by W. Lee by and by him to Robinson & Co. See Cl. [illegible; personally?] obtaining his information for J.R. not having been notified by Mr. Lee or his client [?] who both [illegible] lost by me while [illegible] other taken at the same time & returned in the [illegible] to them, to the same without [illegible].

784. A wharf lot, commonly called the Point
Claimants offered in evidence the following deed:
Know all men by these presents that I, Karaimoku, commonly called William Pit, Esquire, do hereby assign unto James Robinson, his heirs, Executors, Administrators and assigns, one half of the wharf, commonly called the King's Wharf, situated near the southwest angle of the Fort, in the Town of Honolulu, extending on front one hundred yards or there abouts, and running back 100 yards or thereabouts, upon the following conditions.

First, the said James Robinson doth hereby bind himself, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to pay one half of all expenses incurred in altering, repairing or improving the said wharf, and to pay to Karaiomoku his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns one half of all monies received for the use of such wharf & premises. And I, Karaimoku, do hereby agree to pay one half of all expenses incurred in altering, repairing or improving the said wharf. And we do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to fulfill the above agreement.

Given under our respective hands and seals at Honolulu, this 11th day of January in the Year of our Lord, 1827.
Karaimoku (Seal), James Robinson (Seal)
Witness: Francisco de Paula Marin

(Indorsed by John R. Jasper, Registrar of Conveyances on 31 August 1847 notifying Mr. Robinson's acknowledgement and the registration of the deed.)

John Ii, sworn, I knew the witness of the above deed, Francisco Paula de Marin, and I know he is dead. I know the place described and I heard from Kalaimoku himself, much the same as what is described in the deed. I never heard of any counter claim or opposition.

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I know the signature of Kalaimoku [illegible] to above deed to be his hand writing. I have received letters from him.
Continued page 264, volume III

787. Land and Premises now occupied by Samuel Thompson. Claimant offered in evidence a deed as follows; viz.

Know all men by these presents that I, Alexander Smith, a citizen of United States of America, a present residing at this place for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand six hundred dollars (2600$) to me in hand paid by James Robinson, Robert Lawrance, Joseph Elliott, residents on this Island, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, have bargained, sold and delivered, and by these presents do bargain, sell and deliver, unto the said James Robinson, Robert Lawrance and Joseph Elliott, those premises, situated in Honolulu, formerly the property of George W. C ....

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.... t by [illegible] of said Hobbs to land of natives and premises of Joseph Navarro lane [illegible] the Blonde place, thence southerly by the lane to the river and lands of Lei, a native woman. Thence westerly by said lands of Lei and her premises to the Gate first mentioned. To have and to hold the said premises to his use and behoof to himself, his heirs, executors and administrators and assigns for ever, and I do hereby warrant and defend the same against the legal claims of all persons, claiming by or under me as agent aforesaid, Only such as this Government claim and demand on them.

In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal at Honolulu, Oahu, this 21st day of December, 1837.
Stephen Reynolds
Signed, sealed & delivered in presence of William French
John G. Greenway

I hereby certify that I approve and make valid this sale of the within mentioned premises by Stephen Reynolds, my agent agreable [sic] to the tenor thereof. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Honolulu, Oahu, this 18th day of January 1840.
William R. Warren
Signed in presence of us: A Charles Davis, George M. Punchard: Witnesses

Recorded 10 December 1844 by J. Ricord, Notary Public.

G. W. Punchard, sworn and acknowledged his own signature and knew that of WilliamR. Warren to be genuine in the confirming clause to the above deed, which witness saw him sign.

[Margin note: M. Kekuanaoa, Governor of Oahu, admitted to the President of the Board deputed to call upon [illegible] the right, title, and interest he possessed by the Canton Hotel premises claimed by James Robinson, & Robert Lawrence to said claimants for the sum of $260, said that he now had no interest in the same. 25th September 1849]

F.T. 140-141v3 [See No. 787]

F.T. 264v3
Claim No. 784, James Robinson & Co., Part II, 9 March [1850], Resumed from volume II, page 125, See page 330B for General Miller's letter for R. Charlton's claim

M. Kekuanaoa, sworn, counter claimant to a portion of the wharf mentioned in this claim, namely that part between the wall running from the Fort to the bathing house, and the makai street marked C in T. Metcalf's Survey, appeared and stated, that he relinquished all claim that he might have in this piece, that the Government might have a claim in it, but that he had not.

(Note: Mr. Lee, President, verbally states after this evidence that Government had no claim.)

F.T. 330B-331Bv3
Cl. 784, James Robinson, part II, from 264, May 12, 1851

Dear Sir:
I have amicably arranged matters with Mr. Robinson. Neither Mr. Charlton nor his attorney will now ever lay claim to any part of the slip of ground comprised in the accompanying little sketch with my initials, which is the slip of land alluded to in my memorandum of today.
Signed, William Miller, &c.
J.K. Smith, &c, as above

Note: The memorandum & slip alluded to are both included in their import in this claim as for Award rendered. The sketch certificates by General Miller as above with his initials is to Metcalf plan of the lot with notes - which has been stamped and delivered with the award, and included the adjoining sea beach to Charlton's & French's wharf, now abandoned by General Miller, as attorney for R. Charlton, in consideration of a satisfactory payment by J. Robinson for alleged rights.

It was also distinctly understood that Mr. French's right admitted in the first letter is as large as Charlton's in every sense in which he held it to one half of the lot.

N.T. 448v2
No. 784, James Robinson

This is a claim for Papaka in Honolulu here for Robinson and W.P. Leleiohoku.

Robinson has brought a land transfer document from Kalaimoku for him and for Leleihoku [sic]. The document had been drawn in the month of January 1820.

John Ii, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have known Manini during his lifetime and he has died. I have seen Robinson living at this place and had heard from Kalaimoku that Robinson had taken possession of the place; however, half of the pier is for Kalaimoku and upon his death, it would be for his assistant and they have now merged. The chiefs have all heard about this.

Kaauwai, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have seen Kalaimoku's signature, also his document which I have, and the r [sic; 1?] to us at that time is the 1 in his name.
Continued page 596, volume 3

N.T. 507-597v3
No. 784, J. Robinson & Co., March 9, 1850, from page 448, volume 2

Kekuanaoa, who had at one time protested James' place which is at Pakaka, makai of Queen Street, and at the sign C as indicated in Metcalf's surveying of the land, has come to withdraw his complain for that place, for he has seen Kalaimoku's deed to James and on this date, it has been conveyed to James, but should there be any other interest there belonging to the government, I have not know. I no longer have any /interest/.

[Award 784; R.P. 4532; Queen St. Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; .43 Ac.]