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Claim Number: 00775
Claimant: Kaiwi
Other claimant:Naopae, father
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Puunui
Statistics: 6994 characters 1203 words
No. 775, Kaiwi
N.R. 430v2

Hear ye, O Land Commissioners: I have worked on my house lots above the land of puunui and know the dimensions of the two lots. This lot is just mauka of the land of Puunui, perhaps 1/3 of a mile from this lot to that house lot in the same land and its dimensions are known.

Here is what I tell you so you will know my true right to these house lots: When the Ali`i, Kamehameha I sailed to fight on Oahu with the son of Kahekili, Kalaikupule, he /Kalanikupule/ was killed by kamehameha in the Battle of Nuuanu and all Oahu became Kamehameha's. From thence, my makuakane lived in that land of Puunui until his death. From his death, we, the keikis, have lived there until this 11th day of October, I am the one who has that land and that house lot of which I am telling you and which I am occupying to this day. This little explanation to you is ended.
Witnesses: Kaopae X, Luukia X, Honolulu, October 11, 1847
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F.T. 235v2
Claim 775, Kaiwi, March 10, 1848

Counter cl. 1082, Kekuuanui, See page 334 to No. 1

Kaahea, sworn, I know this place. It is two house lots in Honolulu aina.

The first lot is bounded:
Mauka by Puhau's lot
Ewa by Maikui's lot & Lauhala's
Makai by Pehu's & Lauhala, S. Puhau's
Waititi by Puhau's.

It is fenced and has two grass houses, which belong to Kaiwi.

The second lot is bounded on:
Mauka, Waititi & Makai by Puhau
Ewa by Halelauhala's place.

It is fenced & has 1 house.

Claimant received these two lots from his father in time of Kamehameha I a ....

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.... een notified that this is the day for this work, but he did not come today.

N.T. 605-606v3
No. 775, Kaiwi, Protest - M. Kekuanaoa - from page 603-, April 4, 1850

Kaha, sworn, I have seen this place, three lands are in this property. There are three Puunui /lands/ and the owners of these lands are Kamakaokekoa, Kalaikuahulu and Nakilau.

The lot had been fenced for the konohiki's advantage, in that the hogs would be confined and would not be able to eat the food yield of the land, The men who had built this enclosure were Kuahiololo, Kuopaa and Naili. This was done for their landlords and not for their personal advantage and I believe that land is for Kekuanaoa at this time.

Mihana (Female), sworn for Kaiwi, I have seen that place which is for Naopae, the father of Kaiwi, from Kamakaokekoa given at the time of the battle of Nuuanu. After this battle Kaopae and his men built the enclosure for that property. There are three lots in that property; Kamakaokekoa's land, Nakilau and Kalaikuahulu's land. Kaopae had done the work for these lots and had spent his own means and not that of his konohiki in building a fence. The reason for this fence was to prevent the pigs from eating the food yield /of the land/. I believe that property was for Kaopae altho' there were many people living there and those men who were mentioned by Kaha as witnesses for M. Kekuanaoa had worked with Kaopae on the enclosure and were both under Kaopae. Kaopae's wife was heir upon his death and when she died, the bequest was for her new husband.

[Award 775; R.P. 213; Puunui Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .74 Ac.; R.P. 7475; Puunui Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .36 Ac.]