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Claim Number: 00019
Claimant: Naahu
Other claimant:Puniwai
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Queen St., Kaoaopa
Statistics: 6362 characters 967 words
No. 19, Naahu [wahine] & Punawai, claimants
F.R. 39v1

[Margin note: Presented 8 o'clock A.M. 15 April]

1 document & diagram entered in Native Register page 37

N.R. 37-38v1
No. 19, Naahu and Puniwai

The right of residence at this place, Kaoaopa, was begun when Papa arrived on the peleleu /large canoe/. We two returned to Hawaii with Kamehameha I /Keoua - illegible/.

Because of the Russian we returned to Oahu and we lived at this place. When Kamehameha I died Liholiho inherited the kingdom. This place was given to my kaikunane /translator's note: brother or male cousin of a female/ by Kamehameha II and when my kaikunane died it went to his wahine - at this time Kamehameha III was living.

In witness of the truth of this right I set my hand, and /also/ the representative of the deceased, on this 14th day of April, 1846.
Witnesses: Paku, Laakea
Sketch of lot at Kaowaopa*. Dimensions are given.

*Also spelled Kaoaopa (See sketch) [not in this document]

F.T. 23v1
Claim No. 19, Naahu & Puniwai, May 6, 1846

Kaalei, witness, sworn deposed, I am acquainted with the place claimed by claimants. it is included in a place called Kaowaopa. The time of building the fort we came down here from Haawaii [sic]; and Kapohina, the husband & father of claimants surrounded that place with a fence & built a house where theyhave lived down to the present moment.

At the present time Kealii & Keanui & Namauu have claimed right ....

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.... : And for whom is the place mauka?
Kaulaloha: For Malulu (toward the mountain).
Question: And for whom is the lot on that side of Waikiki?
Kaulaloha: For Namauu.
Question: Was it fenced since that time?
Kaulaloha: Yes, Keaweluaole (fenced it).
Question: How is Keawepooole living? (What rights)
Kaulaloha: She resides because of the brother Kapouhiwa.
Question: When did Keawepooole die?
Kaulaloha: Right after Poki went to Tahiti.

Work postponed and will be resumed when Namauu will testify of their rights.

N.T. 103v2
No. 19 Naahu, June 16, 1848

Kuukuu, sworn and stated, I have seen Naahu's property which Keaweluaole has now. He is a brother to Naahu. Keaweluaole and Puniwai were tenants and together we lived under Naahu. I have not heard that Naahu had given the property to Keaweluaole, (but) I did hear Keaweluaole's bequest in that his lands from Hawaii to Kauai are for Kealakai under the chief, with Puniwai as caretaker of the houses and horses, while the chests are for Puniwai and the houses and property are for Naahu.

Puniwai, upon her death, had bequested personal property to Naahu because Paao was not there. They have had a quarrel and he had gone away. After this was done and we had returned with Naahu, Puniwai died. Paao was summoned and when he arrived, Puniwai had already died. This was in the year 1840.

See Paao's objections, page 102

[Award 19; R.P. 4450; Queen St. (Kaoaopa) Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .6 Ac.;tmk 1-2-1-26; See also 835 to Paao, not awarded]