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Claim Number: Mauinotes
Claimant: Bailey, Edward, notes
Other claimant:
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Island: Maui
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[Maui notes]
F.T. 91-95v16 and N.T. 91-95v16

[first section of this document is for 10665, Pipio; See 10665, but other persons are discussed]
Wailuku, August 29, 1854
G.M. Robertson, Esquire

Dear Sir,
Your large package of awards and also a small parcel of corrected ones together with your letter of the 9th were here on my arrival yesterday, from our campaign around E. Maui.

The testimony on the claim of Pipio runs thus - 10665 - Pipio 9 August
Kanakaloa sworn it is true Kalawaia wrote this claim and I have seen his land in the ili of Piliwale and Haola of Paeahu ahupuaa. It is inherited land since 1819, no objection and it is bounded on all sides by the konohiki. The above I extract from Vol. 7, native testimony taken in 1849. I will now submit the testimony taken by me.

Lahaina 29 October 1853
(Paeahu) Pikanele sworn, Only one man received his land from me in Paeahu. He was an ancient dweller on the land, verified, Pahu, the father of Kameiholani and Kuhelani. Pipio and Pepaiaonui and Auake were also ancient dwellers in the land. But I only gave land to Pahu and Pipio, and I do not know whether they entered their claims for the land before the Board of Land commissioners. They told me they did not. I did not give land to Kaneiholani and Ainoa and Kuhilani and Kahoikaina, but they did occupy land under Ainoa my agent. They had begun to plant a very few potatoes only before 1850, in which year Kanehoa the governor forbade any person planting any land that they had not previously planted. I became konohiki of Paeahu in 1836. In the year 1838, Hana Kaunahi and I sent off Pahu and Pipio from the land. When Kaumaea was Lunaauhau of Honuaula, and Kamakau and Kaauwai were writing out claims, then for the first time these persons, suggested Kaneiholani, Kuhilani, Ainoa, Naale, Kahoikaina (Koukaina), Kaakole, an old letter, and Pepaionui, Ainoa, Kalama or Lukua and Ohule entered claims for land in the Irish potato region. But I never game them land there, only myself and wife (Hana Kaunahi) made Ainoa our agent then, and he continued in that capacity till Mr. Swinton bought it. Nobody cultivated above the clear land till 1850, except the few above named who planted a little.

Hana Kaunahi sworn confirms in full the testimony of her husband Pikanele. In 1852, at which time I made Mahi luna, Kanehoa again forbade squatter occupying any new land.
When Mr. Alexander sold the Irish potato land in Paeahu, all who had claims there gave them up in order to purchase land instead. Only two retained their land below the Irish potato region, Auake and Kahoikaina. But all in the Irish potato land of Mr. Goodale gave up all claim.

(The last testimony of Hana Kaunahi was fully confirmed by Pikanele.) I now insert an extract from Mr. Alexander's own hand dated Lahainaluna, 1 June 1853.
"on the day of the sale they (referring to Kaakole, Kuhilani, Naale and ....

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.... terms of which transfer appear not to have been committed to writing at the time and have never been before the Board formally.
I.K. Smith, Sec. (an un-business proceeding from the first to the last with all engaged in it.

F.T. 88-89v16 and N.T. 88-89v16
[supplemental notes by Mr. J.H. Smith, Secretary], Wailuku, 5 August 1854
G.M. Robertson, Esquire

Dear Sir,

Herewith I send you the following surveys.
No. 6655 Uilani, Kekokea
No. 6417 Kaio, Keokea
No. 6503 Apiki, Keokea
No. 9021 Kamai, Kaonoulu

The new piece surveyed was to be added to the other by consent of the konohiki - B.F. Sniffin.

No. 7971B Maia - Waiakoa - probably identical with the award no. 4750, but claimant relinquished the balance of his claim to which he had a good right and wished this might be inlarged rather than have his kuleana in different places.

The old award might be suppressed and the costs of both charged in the new award.

No. 8655 Kahoopaki - Waiakoa - The new survey is to be added to that made by Mr. Turner and completed his claim.

No. 5292 Nahinu or Kahinu, Kohue - the new survey is to be first instead of all the others surveyed by Mr. Turner.

In the old survey regard was had to agreements between konohiki and claimant which have been respected in this.

No. 5267 Kahiahiwa - Keokea - This was a lot taken by claimant in lieu of the other lots in his claim by consent of konohiki's agent Pahaku.

No. 2565 Nakeu - Palanea - This is a resurvey of claimant's house lot. He is entitled to another lot surveyed by Mr. Turner, but the survey is found to be quite inaccurate and cannot be certified without an entire new survey. We did not discover the mistake till we had returned home, and we may pass that way again or may not. So I sent the house lot, and the other can be added if there is time.

No. 2500 Ehupuli - Palanea. The same is true of the lot surveyed by Mr. T. in this claim as in the one above, serve all other claims having been included in it, so I send a lot surveyed by me in another place, and have the rest to be resurveyed if there is time.

See 98 Page

2529, Makaia, Keauhou
2525, Mahoe, Palanea and Kalihi

It is difficult to make the survey of this correspond exactly with the testimony but this is as near as I can make it and I believe he has got what is justly his due.

No. 5429 Kaumana - Palanea [Palauea] - this piece is to be added to these sent you a few days ago.

See 98 page
5127, Kalani

5369, Ainua - Palanea - This is all that remains of this claimant as he has compromised his lot in Paeahu.
You (sic) truly,
E. Bailey

N.T. 102v16
Kipahulu, 6 March 1854

Activities were started before E. Bailey and J. Kekaulahao on this day regarding complicated (pohihihi) kuleana's.

[These notes are for the island of Maui]