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00688 Kanaina, opposes
Claim Number: 00688
Claimant: Kaapuiki, S.
Other claimant:Kanaina, opposes
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Waikiki
Statistics: 6243 characters 1099 words
No. 688, Kaaupuiki, Opposed, Honolulu, September 1847
N.R. 353-354v2

To the President of the Land Commissioners whom the Mo`i has appointed to investigate claims in the Hawaiian Islands, being William Lee, Ii, N. Namauu, the commissioners appointed to work with accuracy and truth on the claims of various people:

I hereby tell you that I, S. Kaapuiki have an interest bequeathed me by Kanaloa, who is deceased. I also tell you that this lot for which I petition you is just mauka of Kaholoakeahole. At Waikiki in that district is the land which was bequeathed to me and the house lot which the Honorable C. Kanaina is demanding for himself. There is no basis for the demand; the indebtedness of the Haole for the baked fish was the basis of his demand. He did not demand it at the time he was living here, nor explain the day and month of the indebtedness, nor explain the arresting of the Haole and taking him before the judges because of the debt. There is no basis for the claim if indeed the debt was what gave him the claim. The right to be protected and by announcement was the proper value of the debt. This was not the ancient practice which we knew formerly.

Kanaloa said to me when he was in good health, that the house lot was his and the haole had the house. The names of the witnesses of this bequest at the time of his death are Kaniuhi, kaikua`ana of Kanaloa, S. Kuluwailehua, keiki of Kanaloa. They two are the witnesses of the bequest of the land and the lot and Kipoho is the witness that knows th ....

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.... umber and at this time Kanaina and I had a contention for that property. Then I had gone to Hawaii and when I had returned, a house there for Kainaina had been completed."

See Kanaina, page 507

N.T. 507v2
No. 688, S. Kaapuiki From page 501, February 9 [1848]

Hakalaau, sworn by the Bible and stated, "I have seen this place- it is in Honolulu. The boundaries are the same as Kuluwailehua's statements which have been read here. I had seen this property in the year 1833. It was for Kanaloa and me. A foreigner who had owed me $75.00 owned that property. The interest accumulated until the debt had reached an amount of $300.00. He was living in the long house at the time and had fared on my sustenance. This had accounted for his indebtedness to me. When the foreigner had run off on a boat, Kanaloa and I took possession of that property and the house for $300.00. That place has been with me since then to this day.

I have not understood about Kanaloa's place. In the year 1837 when I went to Kaalaa to live, I had left my interest with Kekuanaoa and Kaapuiki had a partial interest of Kanaloa's interest.

Waikiki, Kamoku, August 13, 1840

Greetings to you Kaapuiki,
I am bequesting my property named Kamoo in Pauoa which I had received from the chief and the house site to you. My wife will be under you and should she return to her place, living there and privacy would be for you.
By Kanaloa, X, his mark

[No. 688 not awarded]