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Claim Number: 10665
Claimant: Pipio
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Honuaula
Ahupuaa: Paeahu
Ili: Piliwale,Hauola
Statistics: 10487 characters 1808 words
No. 10665, Pipio, Kamaole, February 1, 1848
N.R. 575v4

Hear ye, ye Land Commissioners: I, Pipio, hereby state my claim for land. There are two `ilis, named Hauola and Piliwale. On the north is Kamaole, on the east is mountain, on the south is Paahu, on the west is the Pacific Ocean. I have two mala of Irish potatoes. My house lot is above my two `ili. The witness of these two `ili and of everything whichhave made Is Kanakaokai.

F.T. 91v16 Translation [See below]
No. 10665, Pipio

Kanakaloa, sworn, It is true that /the claim/ was written by Kalawaia. I know his land in the `Ili of Piliwale and Hauola in the Ahupua`a of Paeahu. It is inherited land, from 1819 and is undisputed. The Konohiki /land/ is on all sides.

N.T. 90-95v16
No. 10665, Pipio, Wailuku, August 29, 1854, from Vol. 7 N.T. p. 162

G.M. Robertson, Esquire
Dear Sir,
Your large package of Awards and also a small parcel of corrected ones together with your letter of the 9th were here on my arrival yesterday from our campaign around E. Maui.

The testimony of the claim of Pipio and others, 10665 [?] Pipio, 9 August

Kanakaloa, Hoohikeia, Ua oiaio na Kalawaia i Kakau. Ua ike au i Kona aina ma ka ili o Piliwale me Hauola ma Ke Ahupuaa o Paeahu. He aina hooilina mai ka M.H. 1819, aole mea keakea. Ma na aoao a pau ke Konohiki.

The above I extract from Vol. 7 Native Testimony taken in 1849. I will now subjoin the testimony taken by me.
Lahaina, Oct 29, 1853

Pikanele, sworn, Only one man received his land from me in Paeahu. He was an ancient dweller on the land, viz. Pahu, the father of Kameiholani and Kuhilani. Pepio and Pepeiaonui and Anahe were also ancient dwellers on the land. but I only gave land to Pahu and Pipio, and I do not know whether they entered their claims for the land before the Board of Land Commission and, they told me they did not. I did not give land to Kaneiholanui & Ainoa & Kuhilani & Kahoikaina, but they did occupy land under Ainoa my Agent. They had begun to plant a very few potatoes only before 18500, in which year Kanehoa the Governor forbade any person planting any land that they had not previously planted. I became Konohiki of Paeahu in 1836. In the year 1838, Hana Kaunahi and I sent off Pahu and Pipio from the land. When Kaumaea was Lunaauhau of Honuaula, and Kamakau and Kaauwai were writing out claims, then for the first time these persons viz. Kaneiholani, Kuhilani, Ainoa, Naale, Kahoikaina, (Koukaina) Kaakole, an old settler ....

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.... expect claimants to pay me in due time.

The claims which the people most valued were those that fell in the potatoe fields. In Kamakau's & Lot's testimony letter it is declared they severally got these from Pikanele - Konohiki. who confronted them in my presence - denying he had ever given them such lots. & maintains that they had ever been, and still were, squatters. They all therefore abandoned their claims & agreed to purchase lots: the whole, therefore of the cultivated portion of the Irish potatoe region of Paeahu has been sold at auction.

You may therefore consider the enclosed surveys as covering all the claims to be presented to you from Paeahu, except one or two from that portion owned by Mr. Wilcox.
W.P. Alexander
Addressee J.H. Smith. Sec.

10964 - Wahie has not been awarded on A.T. Finney Survey of 5 ac. lying in the Potato Regions.

Note to the Preceding written Statement.

No specific testimony of the multi[?]transaction referred to between the Claimants and Mr. Alexander in relation to the lots in question was ever taken in presence of each party, vs formally examined by me but Commissioner Mr. E. Bailey, or by the President when President near the spot, or by any Commissioner afterwards, or at the time of the alleged transfer, nor any more explicit statement than the letter previously inserted, ever made, to be recorded. and the Claimants alleged as the reason of their not purchasing the land of Mr. Goodale intended in the bargain in lieu of holding their own lots in the upper region, that he demanded high prices & would not fulfill stipulated conditions, & thus subjecting themselves to right of losing what they had given up in anticipating of larger lots. The conditions & terms of which transfer appear not to have been committed to writing at the time - and have never been before the Board formally. J.H. Smith, Sec. (an un-business proceeding from first to last with all engaged in it).

N.T. 90-95v16
No. 10665, Pipio, Wailuku, 20 August 1854, from vol. 7 N.T. page 162
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N.T. 162v7
No. 10665, Pipio, August 9, 1849

Kanakaloa, sworn, Kalawaia wrote this claim and Kanakaloa has seen this land in the ili of ili of Piliwale and Hauola of Paeahu ahupuaa. This land has been bequested by Pipio's parents in 1819. No one had objected.

Konohiki boundaries are on all sides.

See 90, Vol. 16

[Award 10665; R.P. 7543, Piliwale Paeahu Honuaula; 1 ap.; 11.68 Acs]