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Claim Number: 00677
Claimant: Kekuanaoa, M.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Honuakaha
Statistics: 6581 characters 1116 words
No. 677-683, Kekuanaoa
N.R. 345-348v2

/Diagram 28/ [Not in this text]
This lot is outside of Honuakaha. The interest is that this is an edge of my land for Puunui.

No. 678
/Diagram 29/ [Not in this text]
The right in this place is that the makuahine, Unauna, gave it to Kinau, and it is under her, and if fault is found with the occupation by her keiki, Kinau will take it.

No. 679
/Diagram 30/ [Not in this text]
Lot where Wahinealii is living, it is for Kinau

/Diagram 31/ [Not in this text]
Lot of Malihini, for M. Kekuanaoa.

No. 681
/Diagram 32/ [Not in this text]
Lot of Victoria which Kanikala says is hers.
Here is the right to this place; this was Kaahumanu's and her people live there. This place is called Nihoa. Upon her death it went to Kinau. We did not hear that Kaahumanu gave it to anyone else.

No. 682
/Diagram 33/ [Not in this text]
Lot of M. Kekuanaoa, mauka of Kawananakoa, called Maunaala.

No. 683
/Diagram 34/ [Not in this text]
Lot of M. Kekuanaoa mauka of Kaaihee.

See pages 611-612 for some lots.

F.T. 159-161v2
Claims 677 to 683, M. Kuanaoa, January 18, 1848

No. 677, For Kamamalu,
Kekuaniu, sworn, This place is in Honolulu. I have lived on it from Kahumanu's time.

Waititi side it is bounded by vacant land
Makai by salt ponds
Ewa side by Kuapio's
Mauka by water Street.

It has a fence which is the true boundary. Two families also live on i ....

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.... to claimant and have no claim within this place. Kekuanaoa got this land from Kinau in 1832, the boundaries are rightly given, and there is no other claim.

No. 683, For Kamamalu, near Punahou,
Namauu, sworn, It is on the plain Kahua. It has a fence which is its true boundary. The place is called Kauihee and is arable. I know it came to the Governor in 1836 as heir of Kinopu. He intends to give it to Victoria. He has held it ever since and there is no other claimant.

N.T. 485-486v2
No. 677, Kekuanaoa, January 22, 1848

Kekuanui, sworn by the word of God and stated, "I have seen this property; it is in Honolulu her and I am living there. I have lived there 15 or probably 16 years.

Mauka street is toward the mountain
A river flowing toward the sea, Waikiki
Kuhaupio's place, Ewa

And this place has been enclosed. This enclosure indicates very clearly Kekuanaoa's property. This land had been from Kaahumanu I and in the year 1846. It was surrounded by a fence. Kahakai and a foreigner's interest are in there."

Kamohaikea wahine, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen this place which is in Honolulu here named Hanuakaha. It has been enclosed and that is its most established boundary. This is for Kekuanaoa (but) under Victoria. I have lived there since Kaahumanu 1st's time. Two houses are there and we (two) are living under Kekuanaoa and I have not know any other interest there."

[Award 677; R.P. 1245; Honuakaha Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 8.9 Acs; See other claims 678-683]