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Claim Number: 00620
Claimant: Reynolds, Stephen
Other claimant:
Other name: Lanai
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Alakea
Statistics: 5314 characters 931 words
No. 620, S. Reynolds
F.R. 86v2
[See 619]

F.T. 89-91v2 [See Award 619]
Claim No. 620, 13th December [1847]

William French, sworn, I recollect Doctor Serriere getting this land through Captain Ebbetts, who was then Mr. Parker [?]. Dr. Serriere occupied it many years till his departure from the Islands. He got it about 1829 & left in 1834.

I never knew more of this transfer than that Mr. Reynolds had the place, and sold it to Mr. Greenway who sold it afterwards again to Mr. Reynolds.

It is fenced and the adobie house built by Serriere still remains on it with several others.

Cross St. is on the Waititi side, a lane between the premises and those of John Ladd is Mauka; premises sold by me to Mr. Grimes are on Ewa side; and John Neddles' land is Makai.

As far as I know Mr. Reynolds is the owner of the land; and I have heard of no counter clam. He has had possession since Serriere left and those occupying have always told me they had it from Mr. Reynolds.

Doctor Rooke, sworn, In 1829 I know Dr. Serriere was living there. I think he left here in 1834, after which Mr. Reynolds possessed the place (premises), who sold them to Greenway, but they reverted to Mr. Reynolds. In1840 I wished to purchase them from Mr. Reynolds in order to exchange them with Mary Buckle [?]. I went to the Governor about it and he told me it was Mr. Reynolds' business and not his. I never heard there was any dispute about the title. I always heard Mr. Reynolds came by the place in consequence of a debt due to him from Dr. Serriere, whose death had occurred. I know of Mr. Bachelot's death and of Short's absence, witnesses to the mortgage dated 1 September 18 ....

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Under my seal and hand
A.P. de Serriere (seal)

N.T. 421v2
No. 620, Lanai (S. Reynolds)

Mr. French, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "This property is close to the hospital of the American people. I remember that place had been obtained from Kauka (Dr.) Opunui and he (doctor) had lived there for some years. He had acquired this and in the year 1829, then he returned (to his country)in 1834 and the place was possessed by Lanai. I have not known why this was done and later it was sold to Mr. Pinuwe. Sometime later it was returned to Lanai. It had been enclosed and there were some houses.

The boundaries are:
Kea Street on the Waikiki side
John Ladd's place, mauka
Mr. Grimes, Ewa and
the house of the American people is toward the ocean.

That place is for Lanai and not for anyone else according to my knowledge and he has had an annual lease on it during the past years sine Dr. Opunui had left to the present time."

Dr. Rooke, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I had seen Dr. Opunui living there in the month of March 1829 and in 1834 when he returned (to America), the place was possessed by Lanai (Reynolds); later it was sold to Pinue and still later after this it Cland) was again retdned by Lanai. In the year 1839 or 40 perhaps, I had wanted to have a sale with Lanai so I consulted with the governor and he said, "that would be Lanai's decision." I had heard that Dr. Opunui had been indebted to Lanai which had accounted for Lanai's acquiring of the property."

[Award 620; R.P.1769; Alakea St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .35 Ac.; See Award 619 for Foreign Register and Foreign Testimony documents]