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Claim Number: 00619
Claimant: Reynolds, Stephen
Other claimant:
Other name: Lanai
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Punchbowl St.
Statistics: 27907 characters 5002 words
[No. 619, Stephen Reynolds], No. 619 to 632 inclusive, Stephen Reynolds
F.R. 86-91v2

To the Honorable board of Commissioners to quiet Land Titles, &c.
I hereby present my claims to the lots & parcels of ground, viz.:

619, No. 1. First, a lot of ground opposite the residence of Consul General Miller, on south side of the street leading from Back Street towards Punchbowl hill. This parcel of land was advertized a long time in Sandwich Island Gazette & Journal of Commerce for sale, was sold by auction & by permission of Governor of Oahu, verbally given to Stephen L. Mackintosh I bid it off, have nothing but his power of attorney and letter to show authority to sell. It belonged to the land leased to Richard Charlton by Kalaimoku as by the instrument signed by the said Charlton in favor of Henry Farmer & others and to myself. Explanations will be made, if required.

Length on the street from Westerly corner 90½ ft., thence Southeast 89 ft, thence Northwesterly 77 ft. thence Northeasterly 90½ ft. to first corner.

620. No. 2. Second, a lot of ground on Northerly side of street passing by George Bush's & William French's. This was granted by Governor Boki to P.A. de Seriere, for which some equivalent was given as de Seriere often stated to me, but the amount I cannot say. I made advances to de Seriere, to build houses, fences, wells, &c, &c, &c, and took a mortgage which he was never able to redeem.

Beginning on said street by land of John Neddles running along said street 138½ ft, thence Northwesterly by land belonging to Estate of John Ebbets, and land of William Wond 86½ ft, thence Northeasterly 11 ft; then Northwesterly 32½ ft to the lanes (Government JHL) 97 ft, and 9 ft wide to the street; from the lane on land of Eliab Grimes Southwesterly 140½; thence southeasterly by land of John Neddles 124 ft to corner first mentioned.

621, No. 3, third. A lot of land on Northerly side of of street running from port to Back Street & on Southwesterly side of Canton Hotel Street,

beginning at corner of said street & running Northerly on Canton Hotel Street 42 ft, thence Southwesterly by land of natives 63 ft. to land now occupied by E.C. Webster;thence by E.C. Webster place now occupied by him, Southeasterly 42 ft to Fort Street, thence Northeasterly to corner first mentioned 63 ft.

This I bought of John N. Colcord as by instrument of conveyance, and assent of Governor M. Kekuanaoa.

622, No. 4, Fourth, a lot of ground forming it[?] on the corner upon the Southerly side of Nuuanu Street, on Northeasterly side of Hotel Street. This lot I purchased of David Owen, who purchased of Richard Charlton, British Consul, administrator of Ex officio to the Estate of John Crowne:

Running from the corner of Hotel & Nuuanu Streets on Nuuanu Street 116 ft. to other lands of mine; thence Southeasterly along said land of mine & a strip of William Wallace, 130 ft. or thereabouts to a lane; thence by the lane Southwesterly to Hotel Street 121 ft or thereabouts; thence along said street to corner first mentioned 133 ft.

623, No. 5, Fifth , A lot of ground on corner on Easterly side of Chapel Street & on Northerly side of Nuuanu Street purchased of Alexander Smith, who purchased of Widow of Manuia.

Beginning on corner of Streets running Northwesterly on chapel Street 142 ft (presented in Cl. No. 9) and awarded.

624, No. 6, Sixth. A lot of ground situated on Southeasterly side of Chapel Street, running Southeasterly on said street 60 ft. to premises I bought of H.S. Swinton, thence Southwesterly along said premises 117½ ft., thence Northerly along land of natives 8½ ft, thence Westerly 16½ ft.; thence Easterly by land leased to Alexander Smith by Mahune 141 ft. to street & corner first mentioned. I bought the lot of Alexander Smith with the knowledge & assent of Governor of Oahu.

625, No. 7. Seventh. A lot of ground on Southeasterly side of Nuuanu Street & Northeasterly side of street leading past the house called Honolulu, & others.

Beginning at corner of street running Northeasterly on Nuuanu Street 221 ft. or thereabouts; thence along a strip of ground occupied by Paki, southeasterly to Chapel for Seamen premises 110 ft.; thence by Seaman's Chapel premises Southwesterly 91 ft.; thence by land of natives Northwesterly 32 ft.; thence Southwesterly along land of natives to the street, 142 ft.; thence Northwesterly along said street 92 ft. to corner first named. This parcel or lot, a part I purchased of Joseph Navarro, but have no writings; who always told me he paid Kamehameha I in dollars. I bought of said Joseph Navarro with the consent assent & approbation of the Regents Kalaimoku and Kaahumanu; another part I bought of natives, with the consent & assent of his Majesty Kamehameha III.

626, No. 8, Eighth.A lot of ground situated on southerly side of Nuuanu Street & Westerly side of street passing the house called Honolulu., viz.:

Beginning at corner of said street running Southwesterly along Nuuanu Street 162 ft.; thence Northwesterly to land of Messers Ladd & Co., E. & H. Grimes' land indefinitely into the water; again from said first corner Southeasterly along the street passing Honolulu House 105 ft. to land of Starkey Janion &c.; thence southwesterly along said Starkey & Co. land 95 ft.; thence Northwesterly 32 ft.; thence Southwesterly indefinitely into the water.

627. No. 9, Ninth. A small lot or corner adjoining Number 8. This lot I bargained for with his Majesty, Kamehameha III in 1842. Width 32 ft. running on to the flats & into the water, between the lands of Starkey Janion & Co. & myself. No document or papers have ever been given me by his majesty, on a verbal bargain.

628, No. 10; Tenth. A lot of ground on South side of Chapel Street, beginning on said street by my lot No. 6, running Southwesterly along said lot No. 6 to land of natives, thence Southeasterly along natives' land to lands leased by me from H.S. Swinton; thence along said leased premises Northeasterly to Chapel Street; thence Northwesterly along Chapel Street to first mentioned corner. This lot I bought of Henry S. Swinton.

629, 11, Eleventh. A lot of ground on Northeasterly side of Chapel Street, beginning on street by land of Paki running southeasterly to along Chapel Street to place formerly occupied by Haalilio. (Kanaana) 51 ft.; thence Northeasterly along said premises 115 ft. thence Northwesterly along land of R.G. Davies 51 ft.; thence Southwesterly along land of Paki 115 ft. to first mentioned corner.

630, No. 12, Twelfth. A lot of land on Southerly side of Nuuanu Street beginning at c ....

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.... into Mr. Reynolds' lot. After Kinau died I went with the Governor and saw the place as it was, and when I talked of giving it in to the Government I was surprised to hear of Mr. Reynolds' claim to it and put in my protest. Mr. Judd advised me to take it in hand personally, and not to throw it upon the Government. I know of no other claimant to the land but Kalama's. On account of it belonging to her and myself being her representative, I thought of putting it into the hands of the Government.

13th December [1847], William French, sworn, I know the place in question and the document now presented is the deed of sale from me to Mr. Reynolds for the same and has my signature to it, dated 1st October 1838. I purchased the land &c from Governor Boki, I think in 1828, there was one store house on it, an[?] large grass house, which I used for sandalwood and other things for 10 years, till the time of sale, & for which I gave him 300$. He said he was acting at the time as agent for the Sandwich Island Government.It was passed in with the account current with the Government. Boki gave me no writing, and I took no receipt. My possession was never disputed during the 10 years I occupied it. I never heard that Kanaina or Kalama claimed this land. In 1838 I sold this land with others at auction by and with the consent of Governor Kekuanaoa. Haalilio was sent to the auction on the part of the Government, and he bid for this as well as for some others places; and purchased one of them. I had no conversation with Kanaina on the subject. I thought it belonged to Boki or the Government through him. Kaahumanu & her sister were perfectly knowing to this purchase at the time. I never heard the place belonged to anyone else during the 10 years or more that I occu[pied it].

Resumed pages 95 &100

Claim No. 620, 13th December [1847]
William French, sworn, I recollect Doctor Serriere getting this land through Captain Ebbetts, who was then Mr. Parker [?]. Dr. Serriere occupied it many years till his departure from the Islands. He got it about 1829 & left in 1834.

I never knew more of this transfer than that Mr. Reynolds had the place, and sold it to Mr. Greenway who sold it afterwards again to Mr. Reynolds.

It is fenced and the adobie house built by Serriere still remains on it with several others.

Cross St. is on the Waititi side, a lane between the premises and those of John Ladd is Mauka; premises sold by me to Mr. Grimes are on Ewa side; and John Neddles' land is Makai.

As far as I know Mr. Reynolds is the owner of the land; and I have heard of no counter clam. He has had possession since Serriere left and those occupying have always told me they had it from Mr. Reynolds.

Doctor Rooke, sworn, In 1829 I know Dr. Serriere was living there. I think he left here in 1834, after which Mr. Reynolds possessed the place (premises), who sold them to Greenway, but they reverted to Mr. Reynolds. In1840 I wished to purchase them from Mr. Reynolds in order to exchange them with Mary Buckle [?]. I went to the Governor about it and he told me it was Mr. Reynolds' business and not his. I never heard there was any dispute about the title. I always heard Mr. Reynolds came by the place in consequence of a debt due to him from Dr. Serriere, whose death had occurred. I know of Mr. Bachelot's death and of Short's absence, witnesses to the mortgage dated 1 September 1831 is signed by Doctor Serriere.

William French stated that he was well acquainted with Doctor Serriere's hand writing, and knew the two documents referred to were signed by him (for wh[?ich] See page 117).

Claim No. 625, Store, 13 December [1847]
William French, I know this lot which is at corner of Nuuanu and Merchant Streets. It is walled in and has two houses on it; stone and grass. I rented it from Joseph Navarro in 1825; and kept it as a store till 1829, when Mr. Reynolds purchased it from Navarro, and I settled with Mr. Reynolds for the rent since which time he has always occupied it.

Claim No. 62[?] [624?]
Alexander Smith, sworn, In 1829 I and Colcord seperated [separated] and I got from Ihui, who was head man of Hinau this place. I built on it and paid twice 20$ for enlarging on it to Governor Adams. I built and owned [illegible] 1829 till I sold it to Mr. Reynolds in 1839. [illegible with]out any one disputing my title to it. The [deed?] of sale now produced and dated 12 March 1841 for 2500$ was given & signed by me. Broadway is the boundary Mauka, land of S. Reynolds, Waititi side, formerly owned by Kekauonohi & Swinton; T. Cummins land is Makai and Mahu is on Ewa side.

See deed page 37 [volume?]

Claim No. 631, 13 December [1847]
George Wood, sworn, I know these premises which are situated and described as set forth, a deed from me to Mr. Reynolds, dated 1 May 1844. I had these premises from Governor Boki in 1836 as a gift. I fenced and built on them and occupied them from that time to the time I sold them to Mr. Reynolds in 1844, as set forth in the deed of sale, giving the Government the first offer through the Governor, and receiving his consent to dispose of the place to Mr. Reynolds. I know of no other claimant. The deed as now produced is signed by me, and was the one I gave to Mr. Reynolds.

Continued page 143

F.T. 273-274v3
No. 619, S. Reynolds, from volume 2, page 85, 27 March [1850]

Andrew Auld, sworn, I know Mr. Reynold's house lot in this claim. He got it from MacKintosh, who bought it from Richard Ridley about 1838. MacKintosh had peaceable possession of it until it came into the hands of Mr. Reynolds, who has quiet occupancy from 1840 to this time.

N.T. 412v2
No. 619, Lanai (S. Reynolds), from page 406, Hale Kauwila, Honolulu, December 10, 1847

This property is by the street going up to Puawaina adjoining C. Mila's (Miller) place here in Honolulu.

I, Dudoro (Dudoit) sworn by the word of God and stated, "I had bought that property at an auction and I had seen that sale in the month of February in 1844 probably. Lanai's people has lived there to the present time."

N.T. 604v3
No. 619, Stephen Reynolds, 1 & 12th Vols.

Andrew Auld, sworn, I have seen his house lot in Honolulu here on the other side of Miller's place.

Reynolds had received this place from Mr. McIntosh. He again received land from Richard Ridley in the year 1838 probably, I don't know. They had lived peacefully until S. Reynolds had acquired the land; henceforth, he has lived in peace to the present time. S. Reynolds has custodians for the place.

[Award 619; R.P.; 1769; Punchbowl St. Honolulu Kona; .1 ap.; 16 Ac.]