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Claim Number: 09971*M
Claimant: Leleiohoku, William P.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Hamakualoa, Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kuiaha, Puumaile, Hanawana, Aki
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No. 9971*M, Wm. P. Leleiohoku
N.R. 502-506v4

The Land Commissioners, greetings: I hereby state on this paper, and on the attached paper, all my claims for land, from Hawaii to Kauai, genuine claims for land, and house lot claims. Here are the claims for `Aina maoli /lands genuinely owned/:

The lands of Wm. P. Leleiohoku

The lands, Type of Land, District, Island

1. Hookena, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii 2. Kiloa, Ahupua`a, no award, Kona, Hawaii
3. Honokohauiki, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
4. Kaumalumalu, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
5. Lauhulu, Ahupua`a, no award, Kona, Hawaii
6. Auhaukeae, Ahupua`a, Kekauonohi laid off, page 614, v10, Kona, Hawaii
7. Moeauoa, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
8. Lehuulaiki, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Halepohaku, Kailua, Kona, Hawaii
Halelau, Kailua, Kona, Hawaii
Pahipa, Waimea, Kona, Hawaii
9. Kapua, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
10. Hilea, Ahupua`a, L. Kamehameha, Kau, Hawaii
11. Kahilipali, Ahupua`a, Kau, Hawaii
12. Kahuku, Ahupua`a, no award, Kau, Hawaii
13. Puaaloa (none) Ahupuaa, Palaa, Puna, Hawaii
14, Kikala, Ahupua`a, Hilo, Hawaii
15. Waikoloa, Ahupua`a, Hamakua, Hawaii
16. Honopue, Ahupua`a, none, Hamakua, Hawaii
17. Kaiwiki, Ahupua`a, Hamakua, Hawaii
18. Paalaea, Ahupua`a, Hamakua, Hawaii
19. Niulii, Ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii
20. Awalua, Ahupuaa, none, Kohala, Hawaii
Lot at Iole Two
21. Poepoe, Ahupua`a, Kohala, Hawaii
22. Puanui, Ahupua`a, Kohala, Hawaii
23. Hukiaa, Ahupua`a, none, Kohala, Hawaii
24. Kealahewa, Ahupua`a to Kaoanaeha, Kohala, No. 8595B, Hawaii
25. Kapaa, Ahupua`a to Kale Davis, Kohala, No. 8522B, Hawaii

26. West half of the District of Hamakua poko (none) Maui
27. Napuumaile, Ahupuaa, none, Hamakualoa, Maui
28. Hanawana, Ahupua`a to Kanui H.K. No. 5250, Hamakualoa, Maui
29. Kuiaha, Ahupua`a, Hamakualoa, Maui
30. Puako, Ahupua`a, none, Lahaina, Maui
31. Aki 2, Ahupua`a to Kekauonohi, Lahaina, Maui

32. Kamalo, Kaamola, Ahupua`a, No. 9971, Kona, Molokai
33. Punaluu, Ahupua`a, Koolau poko, Molokai [sic, Oahu]

34. Punalau, Ahupua`a, Koolau loa, Oahu
35. Kaakopua, a mahina /farm/, Honolulu, Oahu.

Those are my lands - some Ahupua`as and the `ilis in them and the half of the district of Hamakua-poko. The `ilis and the leles of these Ahupua`as and the leles and `ilis which are in the lands of someone else, and the ones wrongfully entered by those with no right thereto, and the things denied in the nature of the rights of the natives, that is my share for which my claims are presented to you. The lihi places which were taken in by the King and the chiefs in order to benefit the populace and the Government are conveyed if they truly are needed by the Government and all the people, then my directions to you shall be void, but an explanation should be given me to enable me to release these lihis outside of my land and district boundaries.

But, if these lihis are taken by someone in order to enrich the occupant, return it to me, as in my Document which Describes Lihis, to be issued hereafter, on this paper only you shall investigate the claims which I am here stating. The Lihi Leles and the claims for lihi and mahina and ko`ele, and the lihis from upland to sea, and the fishing grounds, perhaps, and all the rights which pertain to these lands, are what I hereby ask for to quiet title and award to me, excepting the Government ko`eles which are not attached; if however the Government's po`alua is not also changed, and the ko`eles which enrich it, without being for the benefit of the populace, and if some words opposing these claims are not reinvestigated, then, consider me, without my having ....

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.... huuluula ahupuaa, Kau, Hawaii
Paalaa ahupuaa, Puna, Hawaii
Kaiuiki ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Kekahla ahupuaa, Hilo, Hawaii.
Manowaialee ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Kaala ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Pohakuhaku ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Kamana ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii
Keahua ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Paalaea ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii
Kapaaula ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Waialeale ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Waikoloa ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Kolakalaula ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Kolakalaula ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Kana ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Niuhii ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Puanui (Poepoe) ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii.
Papaaea ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii.

Kuaha ahupuaa, Hamakualoa, Maui.
Aki ahupuaa, Hamakualoa, Maui.
Kamalo ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui.

Punaluu ahupuaa, Koolauloa, Oahu.
Kaakopua ili of Honolulu, Kona, Oahu.
Pakaka house lot in Kona, Oahu.

* The following lands and house lots are laid off as the Government thinks of the land of Wm. T. Leleiohoku.
Ahihaukeae, Kona, Hawaii.
Kahuku, Kau, Hawaii.
Honopue, Kohala, Hawaii.
Konopueo, Kohala, Hawaii.
Kealahewa, Kohala, Hawaii.
Awalua, Kohala, Hawaii.
Kapaa, Kohala, Hawaii.

Puumaile, Hamakualoa, Maui.
Hanawana, Hamakualoa, Maui.
½ Komohana, Hamakuapoko, Maui.
Puako, Lahaina, Maui.

Halepohaku, Kailua, Hawaii.
Halelaau, Kailua, Hawaii.
Pahipa, Waimea Hawaii.
Lot at Iole in Bond's (lot), Kohala, Hawaii
Lot at Iole in Bond's (lot), Kohala, Hawaii

From the Minutes of Privy Council, 27 May 1850
Lorrin Andrews, Secretary
* Agreed by the Privy Council on 27 May 1850.
A.G. Thruston, Secretary

[Award 9971; (Maui) Papaaea Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; (ahupuaa; Ap. 21); Kuiaha Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; (ahupuaa; Ap. 22); no R.P. Aki Lahaina; 1 ap.; (ahupuaa); note that Puako is listed in some documents as Hawaii and others as Maui; (Hawaii) no. R.P. Kalakalaula Hamakua; 1 ap.; ahupuaa; Pakaka Honolulu [[see also Award 784]]; R.P. 6690, Pahale o Hulihee na Keopu, Kailua, Kona; Pahale o Kaaipuhi ma Keopu Kailua Kona; Pahale o Niumalu ma Keopu Kailua Kona; 3 ap.; 1.67 acs; R.P. 6694 Keopu Kona; 1 ap.; .19 Ac.; R.P. 6602; Pahale o Kamakahonu ma Waikoloa Waimea N. Kohala; 1 ap.; 10 Acs; R.P. 6692; Pahale o Kaaiao ma kawaihae Kohala; Pahale o Poohuai ma Kawaihae Pohua 1 S. Kohala; 1 ap.; .06 Ac.; R.P. 6693; Pahale o Loe ma Lanihau Kailua Kona; Pahale o Papaula ma Honuaula Kalua Kona; Pahale o Papa ma Honuaula Kailua Kona; R.P. 6694; Pahale o Naheana and Kaiwi ma Honuaula, Kailua Kona; Pahale Hale hana lole ma Keopu Kailua Kona; R.P. 8161; Puanui Waimea S. Kohala; 1 ap.; 540.4 Acs; R.P. 8126; Moeauoa 2 N. Kona; 1 ap. (Ap. 27); 130 Acs; R.P. S-8538 Hookena (Lauhulu) Kona; R.P. 6855 Honokohauiki N. Kona; 1 ap. 480 Acs; R.P. 6693; Honuaula Kona; 2 ap.; 2.84 Acs; R.P. 6853 Kapua S. Kona; R.P. S-8545 Kaumalumalu N. Kona; 1 ap.; ahupuaa; R.P. 6693-4; Kailua Kona; 4 ap.; 1.87 Acs; R.P. 6882 Kahilipalinui Kau; 1 ap.; 2155 Acs; R.P. 7709 Hionamoa Kau; 1 ap.; 1950 Acs; R.P. 7714 Paalaa Puna; 1 ap.; 1110 Acs; R.P. 7715 Kikala Hilo; 1 ap.; 640 Acs; R.P. 8451 Kapoaula Hamakua; 1 ap. (Ap.2); 1697 Acs; R.P. 7735; Kaala Hamakua; 1 ap.; ahuupuaa, 2482 Acs; Kawaiiki Hamakua; Manowaialee Hamakua; 1 ap.; 2214 Acs; R.P. 6854 Niulii N. Kohala; 1 ap. (Ap. 19) ahupuaa; no R.P. Hilea Kau; Keahua Hamakua; Paalaea Hamakua; Kapoaula Hamakua; Pohakuhaku Hamauka; 1 ap.; 515 Acs; Kemau Hamakua; 2 ap.; 515 Acs; Kana Hamakua; 1 ap. (Ap.17); ahupuaa; Waialeale 1 Hamakua; Waikoloa Waipio Hamakua; 1 ap. (Ap. 4) ahupuaa; (Molokai) R.P. 8143 Kamalo Kona; (Oahu) R.P. 4532; R.P. 7799 Kaakopua Honolulu; R.P. 7804 Punaluu Koolaluloa; See 8559B also]