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Claim Number: 00613
Claimant: Kuluwailehua, S.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Waikiki
Statistics: 11089 characters 1913 words
[No. 613, Kuluwailehua], claims No. 611 to 613, Inclusive
F.R. 83v2

Native register

N.R. 299-300v2
No. 613, Kuluwailehua, Honolulu, July 1, 1847

To the Land Commissioners, Greetings: I, S. Kuluwailehua, hereby tell you of my interest in my little house lot in Honolulu, My interest began in the year of our Lord 1840. It was left to me by the one who had it, who went to Maui, or perhaps to Hawaii. He left all his rights to me - he did not reserve any rights and there were no heirs at all.

This is the seventh year it was left to me, and no one has objected, nor has there been any argument with anyone about the lot being left to me, until this day. Following is a description of the lot and the place where the house stands, with its dimensions and the area.

The diagram of the house lot of S. Kuluwailehua at Honolulu, Oahu. Its boundaries are: North, house lot of Kauwaina; east, Church Street and the lot of Mainunu; south, house lots of Mainunu and Hakau; west, house lot of Kaupena.

Beginning at the makai side of Church /Chapel/ Street on the east corner also, of the lot of Kauwaina, the first side lying:
South 61° 30' East 1 chain 23' 1" to the lot of Mainunu adjoining Church /Chapel/ Street, turning
South 29° West 1 chain 14' 6" to a crooked place in the fence adjoining the lot of Mainunu, turning South 52° 30' West 2 chains 31' to the lot of Hakau which is one of the lots on this side, to the lot of Kaupena, turning
North 37° West 1 chain 6' 6" adjoining the lot of Kaupena on this side, being also the makai side of this lot to the south corner of the lot of Kauwaina, then turning to place of beginning
North 41° 45' East 3 chains 7' 2" along the lot of Kauwaina on this side of the adobe wall on the mauka side of this lot and the side adjoining Mainunu's and Hakau's lots which enter into this survey.

/See diagram/ [none in this text]

Containing an area of 564 fathoms, 25 feet ) square
Surveyed June 26, 1847, John Richardson

F.T. 69-70v2
Claim No. 613, Kuluwailehua, counter Kanina claim No. 247, No. 7, November 22d [1847]

Paahau, sworn, I know of claimant's living on this place from 1842. Kaalua was the previous owner. I know of his living there in Kinau's time - 1837, but not [illegible]. I was a witness to the transfer now produced; being a deed of the place dated 21 November 1841 from Kalua to claimant. The consideration was 11$ money and 7$ in property. (This deed being shown to witness) I saw Kalua sign it and the other witnesses and ....

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.... g away without any guilt. Kuluwailehua will live just as Kalua lives. We agree to sell under the conditions stated above. site. In truth I place my signature below permitting Kuluwailehua to have my house
Witnesses to the signatures: Paahana, S. Kuluwailehua, Pahau

See page 522

N.T. 522v2
No. 613, Kuluwailehua, From page 385, February 16 [1848]

Kaawahua, sworn by the Bible and stated, "I have seen this property of Kalua. It is on the Waikiki side of Kauwaina's lot. Kalua had lived there when Kaahumanu was still alive, but there was no fence at that time. Kalua had lived with Kaumauma on this property but I am not sure of their landlord. I have not known about the sale between Kalua and Kuluwailehua.

See Kuluwailehua's objections below of this page, also page 537.

N.T. 523v2
No. 613, Kuluwailehua, From page 385, February 16 [1848]

Kaawahua, sworn by the Bible and stated, "I have seen this place, it is on the Waikiki side of Kauwaina's property. I have seen Kalua living on this property while Kaahumanu was still alive. There was no fence at that time. Personal and movable property had been his reason for living there and in the year 1841 he built a fence. Kalua and Kaumauma have lived on this property, but I am not sure about their landlord. I have seen the sale between Kalua and Kuluwailehua for this property. When the lot had been acquired by Kuluwailehua, he built a fence dividing this property from Kauwaina's property. I have known that Kalua has the right to a house site, but I have not known who owned the property, probably Kalua, or Kaumauma perhaps. Kalua and Kaumauma may have made it possible that Kanaina. have an interest because they were perhaps attendants for C. Kanaina. See Kanaina's objections on page 521 and 537.

N.T. 537-538v2
No. 613 - Kuluwailehua From page 523, February 25 [1848]

P. Kanoa, sworn by the Bible and stated, "Day after the day of the sale between Kalua and Kuluwailehua, I had heard from Kuluwailehua thus: Kuluwailehua told me that Kalua had sold his place to him so he had planned to build a house there; therefore, I asked Kalua, "Did you sell your place to Kuluwailehua?" Kalua answered, "Yes!" I believe Kalua has sold the property to Kuluwailehua, but Kanaina had given this property to Kuluwailehua and Kuluwailehua's old property has been possessed by Kanaina. I have not known the selling price of Kalua's property with Kuluwailehua and I believe the entire property has been acquired by Kuluwailehua."

See page 537

[No. 613 not awarded; See Award 637]