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Claim Number: 00608
Claimant: Paaluhi, Susania
Other claimant:Hall, Edwin O.
Other name: Lusania
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Auwaiolimu
Statistics: 9120 characters 1564 words
[No. 608], Claims No. 605-609 inclusive
F.R. 82v1

Native Register

N.R. 296v2
No. 608, Susania Paaluhi, Honolulu land, March 24, 1847

Greetings to you, W. Richards: I hereby petition you for my land which has been dispossessed by my konohiki. I got this land in the year 1836 from Kaihikapu. He got his from Kahele, and from Liliha, also. Hune and Kukaaha are the ones who know it was given to me.

At the time I became a school teacher, I gave it to my makuakane and my kaikaina.

When my makuakane died the bequest of Pipili was also returned to me.

From then until the year 1847, in the month of February 4/It was in my possession/ then Keaweluahl took my kuleana.

My trouble was from then until this April. I have measured my kuleana and the length is 120 fathoms, and the width is 16 fathoms. Combined with the place remaining to me, it is 159.
Farewell and peace,

F.T. 70v2
Claim No. 608, Lusania Paaluhi, November 22 [1947]

Nia, sworn, I know the place. It is in Honolulu aina. The claimant has lived on the land the last 12 or 13 years. There are six kalo patches included, part of it is dry. Lihaliha, [Liliha] wife of Boki was the original possessor. She gave it to Kahele, who gave it to Kahikapu, and he gave it to claimant in 1836.

On Ewa side is Waikalulu
Mauka, Ku's land
Waititi side, a government cattle pen
Makai, Paihimuai.

It is not fenced and has no houses. There have been some formerly. Keaweluai, konohiki, took them away with some of the land in 1846; because claimant was weak and unable to labor.

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F.T. 71v2
Claim No. 608, Lusania Paaluhi, continued from page 70, November 24 [1847]

Hune, sworn, I know claimant to have lived on this land from 1830. He got it from Keikikapu. It is partly fenced and lies partly on the stream. The boundaries rightly given by Nia. I have never heard of any counter claim till now & Keaweluai, konohiki at present, claims it for the King.

Resumed page 118, volume III.

F.T. 118v3
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.... also in Paaluhi's interest. He had taken Paaluhi's patches, a pasture also, in the year 1847 and there is taro in these patches. I have not known the reason Paaluhi's land had been taken, for Haaliliamanu, the tax assessor, had taken it. Paaluhi had stated that he has four remaining patches and the two patches which were taken from him are for Keaweluahi and are in the care of his servant, Naolulo.

See page 386, Vol. II Testimony 386 and 392. See page 447

N.T. 447-448v3
No. 608, I. Paaluhi, April 9, 1849, From pg. 386, Vol. II, pg. 446, Vol. III

This is a royal interest from within the moo land of Paaluhi in Auwaiolimu and J. Piikoi was the man who had worked (on it).

Paeunuai, sworn, I have seen Paaluhi's moo land at Auwaiolimu in Honolulu district, consisting of 11 patches; however, some of them are dry and others are with water.

Mauka is Kekino's place
Waikiki, a hogs' sty
Makai, my property
Ewa, Kalama's land.

I have known there is also a Friday patch in Paaluhi's land which is the twelfth of the patches and Paaluhi has been believing it to be his patch, but I have known that is a Friday patch from Kamehameha I. Paaluhi has never worked on that patch nor has he planted on it, yet now he claims it to be his (patch).

Objection to claim No. 608 - From page 445, April 13, 1849

Jonah Piikoi representative of the king, and Paaluhi, owner of No. 608, appeared before us and Paaluhi stated, "The patch that Piikoi has taken for the king had previously been taken by Keaweluahi in the year 1838 before the statutes were in effect. He has not had any of the yield of that land since that time to the present, yet (he) claims that this patch had been a Friday since 1838."

The land commissioners' decision was thus: Inasmuch as that patch had been taken before the statutes of 1839 had been realized, therefore, it has been conveyed permanently; it is not for Paaluhi at the present time. That one patch is for the government.

[Award 608; R.P. 5641; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 3 ap.; 1.46 Acs; R.P. 104; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 986 Fathoms (to Edwin O. Hall)]