Mahele Documents

Claim Number: 09862
Claimant: Kanehaku
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Waianae
Ahupuaa: Waianae, Makaha
Ili: Kekio, Mooiki
Statistics: 26356 characters 1731 words
No. 9862, Kanehaku, Makaha, January 20, 1848
N.R. 482-483v4

To the Honorable Land Commissioners of the Hawaiian Islands, Greetings: I hereby state my claim for land at Akeakai in Makaha, Island of Oahu. It is bounded on the north by the pali, on the east by the land of Kaahumoe, on the south by kahawai /stream valley/, on the west by the land of Kaakaumoe.

The second of my lands is at Mooiki in Makaha, Island of Oahu and it is bounded on all sides by the land of Maeala. My house is in the Ahupua'a and it is bounded on the north by the pali, on the east by the muliwai, on the south by the kula and the sand /beach/, on the west by the house of Lono.
I am, with thanks, your obedient servant

F.T. 311v9
No. 9862, Kanehaku, claimant

Kaakaumae, konohiki, sworn says, the land of claimant is a moo aina called Kekio in the ili of Kekio, Waianae, Oahu. It contains 5 lois & a kula in one piece and a kahuahale in another.

Apana 1 is bounded:
Mauka by the koele Kea
Ewa by the public road
Makai by the moo aina Puapualoa
Waialua by the moo aina Kahui & Kahaa.

Apana 2, Kahuahale, bounded:
Mauka by the kula of konohiki
Ewa by the kula of konohiki
Makai by the kula of konohiki
Waialua by the kula of konohiki.

Claimant received his land from Wana in the time of Kamehameha I & has held it in quiet ever since.

Kaono, sworn, confirms the above testimony as true & it is also his own.

N.T. 427v9
No. 9862, Kanehaku (court action)

Kaakaumae, sworn, he has seen his land Kekio, a moo land in the ili of Kekio in Waianae, Oahu - 5 patches and a pasture in one section, the house site is the second section.

Section 1:
Mauka, Kea, Konohiki's koele
Ewa, From the upper land, a long trail
Makai, Puapualoa, a moo land
Waianae, Kahui and Kahau, moo lands.

Section 2:
Mauka, konohiki's pasture
Ewa, konohiki's pasture
Makai, konohiki's pasture
Waianae, konohiki's pasture.

Land from Kanehaku at the time of Kamehameha I, no disputes.

Kaona, sworn, he has known in the same way as Kaakaumae.

[Award 9862; R.P. 2339; Kekio Makaha Waianae; 1 ap.; 2.402 Acs]