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Claim Number: 09812E
Claimant: Kaanaana
Other claimant:children
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kooka
Statistics: 9405 characters 1594 words
Cl. 9812E, Kaanaana
F.T. 184v7

The claimant made oath that he sent his claim to Oahu in January 20, 1848. The Commission resolved to hear it.

Nawai, sworn, I know the house lot of the claimant, one of them was heard by Mr. Richards. The one remaining to be heard is in "Kooka, Lahaina. It is fenced.

The claimant received this from Kaeo of Wailuku, in the days of Hoapili before 1839. His title has never been disputed.

It is bounded:
Mauka by my land and Kupalii's
Olowalu by Keliiokekane's land
Makai by the iliaina Aupuni
Kaanapali by Puaanui.

See page 7 volume 15.

F.T. 7-8v15
No. 9812E, Kaanaana, Lahaina 13th, November 1852, from 184v7 & 66v5

Paikaualani, sworn, says he knows the House Lot of claimant Makai. He derived it from the parents of his wife, who held it since the time of Kamehameha I.

It is bounded:
Mauka by Kapahi's land
Olowalu by Kukaahiko's land
Makai by the Alanui Aupuni & witness
Kaanapali by the land called "Waiokama".

This lot is disputed by Kapaakea on the ground that he got if from Hanuea. The House Lot belonged to the father-in-law of Kaanaana from ancient times, and Hanuea lived under him. Hanuea has occupied the lot in question for the last ten years. Kaanaana lives in another place.

Namauu, sworn says he knows Kaanaana's Mauka House Lot where he now lives. He received it from Kaoo about 1841, and has occupied it in peace ever since. I am the Konohiki of the land.

This Lot is bounded:
Mauka by Manu and Kupalii
Olowalu by Kupalii
Makai by the old Road
Kaanapali by the land called "Puaa."

Paikaualani, re-examined, says Kaaunaki lived on the Lot in dispute between his heirs and Kaanaana from about 1840, till a few years ago, when he went to Oahu and died. (This adjoins the Lot disputed by Kapaakea).

The children of Kaaunaki do not live on this Lot, they live with Moku their Guardian.

Upai, sworn says he knows this Lot. My family lived there at one time. Kaanaana's Mother-in-law lived there also on a part of the same Lot. Kaaunaki lived there from 1842 till the time of his death. After that his house was sold but the ground belonged to his children.

This Lot is bounded:
Mau ....

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.... , 1855, from page 50, Disputed by Kapaakea

Moehonua, sworn deposes, I know this place to which Kaanaana is assuming a right. It is a house lot at Puamana in Lahaina. My knowledge of this place is that it belonged to Keohokalole from 1836 until the present. That lot is at present for Keohokalole and her retainers live there at present. Within this time of which I speak I have never seen Kaanaana occupying this place, until this day on which I speak. It was Keohokalole who built the fence and the houses and so on, until today. I say that no one else has any right in that place, to my knowledge. I have never seen the wife of Kaanaana occupy it, nor Kaanaana, from the time this place became Keohokalole's until today. Hoapili gave this place to Keohokalole in 1836, that was when we brought back the body of Nahienaena, and I lived in this lot for eight years from 1836, then I married and my occupancy in this lot ended. In my constant sailings to Maui in these years, it is Keohokalole's retainers who occupy it, not Kaanaana ma, not a house, nor any of their retainers are there. That is my certain knowledge of this place. The truth of the understood right to this place is that it is for Keohokalole; Kaanaana has no right there.

See page 112

F.T. 112v15
No. 9812E, Kaanaana, Honolulu, 22d October 1853, (from page 109), Disputed by Kapaakea

Mahi, sworn, says he knows the lot in dispute at Puamana, in Lahaina. When I lived at Lahaina previous to the opening of the new Road, this lot in dispute was included in the land belonging to Keohokalole. The father-in-law of Kaanaana lived there the same as we did under Hoapili or Keohokalole, who still holds the part of Puamana lying makai of the Road.

N.T. 66v5
No. 9812E, Kaanaana, /SEE page 2126147/

He has filed his claim on Oahu, care of William Richards, but there is no receipt, here is a copy of that claim:

Manu, sworn, He has seen Kaanaana's house lot in Lahaina at Kooka, this was from Kaoo at the time of Pilikane in 1839, no objections.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by Maanu and Kupalii's land
Olowalu by Keliiokekane
Makai by Government road
Kaanapali by Puaanui.

[Award 9812E; R.P. 1682; Kooka Lahaina; 2 ap.; .32 Ac.; R.P. 2725; Kooka Lahaina; 1 ap.; .17 Ac.]