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Claim Number: 00603*M
Claimant: Hoonaulu, W.Z.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Puako
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No. 603*M, Hoonaulu, Honolulu, 6 July 1847
N.R. 290-293v2

To the Honorable William Richards, the President of the Commissioners and the other four commissioners whom the Mo`i has appointed to quiet titles in the Hawaiian Islands.

As in the new law enacted on the [Left blank] of 1845 which took effect after 60 days, and since I have an interest in a houselot at Waiahao, adjoining Kaina's lot on the Waikiki side, I am telling you that I am a native born resident at this place and am a kama`aina there, and no one has objected to my residence there.

The dimensions of this lot are: Waikiki side 47 fathoms, 5 feet; mauka side 30 fathoms, 3 feet 10 inches; Ewa side 23 fathoms, 3 feet; makai side, 22 fathoms 4 feet.

I have authorized S. Kaapuiki to act in my name and he will act for this houselot and will tell you of the witnesses and other things pertaining to this lot.
I am, your obedient servant,

Maui, Lahaina, July 6, 1847
To the President and the other four Land Commissioners whom the Mo`i has appointed to quiet titles in the Hawaiian Islands, on the Island of Maui at Lahaina.

As in the new law enacted in 1845 which took effect after 60 days, I have an interest in a houselot which Keaweaheulu gave me. The occupancy was given me, and the building of the fence and my house which stands in this lot for which Kekauai is petitioning you, the Land Commissioners.

I am telling you truly that Kekauai has no right. H has not lot and no house. He broke his house and he has no fence and has left it. I am the one who made the short sides of the fence and am the one whose house stands on that lot and I also worked on the portion right next to the place which my friend Kewaweaheulu truly gave me, this lot on which I live with all the improvements I made, such as thatching and womens' house and retainers' place. This was the verbal command to me by my friend in 1840. That was the basis of our occupation of this lot.

The dimensions of the new place which I made are: 10 fathoms 3 feet 8 inches on the Olowalu side. The Kaanapali side is the same length. The makai side is six /fathoms/. It is the same in the middle. The circumference is 33 fathoms, 1 foot - that is the size of the place I made.

The old place in which I live is 13 fathoms on the Olowalu side and the same on the other side. 6 /fathoms/ on the mauka boundary and also on the other short boundary. Those are the features of this lot and its circumference is 38 fathoms. If the old and new lots are combined the circumference is 60 fathoms, 3 feet. This is the circumference of the lot for which Kekauai has petitioned you. He broke his house, it is finished and he has no fence made at this time. Therefore I am the one who has the right - who labored on this fence and house, therefore I think that my lot should be acted on by you, the skilled and accomplished people in the righteousness of our Lord. The diagram of this parcel of land at Lahaina is shown below.

I have measured the length of the new and the old place and the total of the Olowalu side
is 24 fathoms 1 foot 6 inches.
I am, with thanks, your obedient servant,

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.... in Honolulu here.

Puniwai's lot Waikiki on Waikiki Street
Kaina's lot Ewa and
his (Hoonaulu) lot is toward the sea.

This property has been enclosed with one house within it. That property is for Hoonaulu now and he is living there with his mother named Kuhiwa. It was an idle land and he had obtained it in the year 1832. He erected a fence and built a house and no one has ever objected to him."

Namauu, sworn by the Bible and stated, "I have seen this property. Everything is just as Puhiki has just related here and no one has ever objected to him."

N.T. 21-23v5
No. 603, W.Z. Hoonaulu

This claim was heard in Honolulu, because there is another witness here, this case will be heard again.

Kahula, sworn, He has seen this house lot in the ahupuaa of Puako of Lahaina here over which there is a dispute. This was from Keaweaheulu in 1840, he had received it from Kanai. Kahuea did not see Kanai give this land to Keaweaheulu but he did see Keaweaheulu give it to Hoonaulu. The house which is standing there is for Hoonaulu and he has enclosed it all around.

The boundaries are:
Mauka by C. Kanaina's land
Olowalu by Mu's lot
Makai and Kaanapali (Harry Livingston's? land) Hale Livistone?

Hinau, sworn, He has seen this lot which had belonged to Kekuai at the time of Hoapili and was given in 1837, Kekuai lived with Keaweaheulu. Keaweaheulu stated that Kekuai had given him this lot. Hoonaulu came to live there in 1840, he built the first house in 1847. Hinau has heard there has been an objection to this (interest).

Kapapa, sworn, He has seen Hoonaulu's lot at the time he had returned and the Paalua had grounded on Molokai. Kapapa had seen both Keaweaheula and Hoonaulu living there. The houses are for him (Hoonaulu) at the present time.

Harry Livingston, sworn, he has seen this lot which belongs to Hoonaulu from Keaweheulu in 1844, and it has been 5 years since that time to the present. Hoonaulu statements: "Keaweheulu had given me this lot and I had felt it was mine, therefore, I built these houses together with all of the other things. I have spent much money."

Pikanele, sworn, he had known this lot was for Kekenai in 1824, when they had landed there. Keaweaheula lived there at the time the King had come to live here in Lahaina and that was the time Pikanele had seen Keaweaheula. Keaweaheula had remained on this lot at the time Kekauai had gone to (live) in the fort, however, he had not given the lot to Keaweaheula.

J. Kalaikini, sworn, He has known the lot is for Kekanai, they had lived together for three years. Kekanai had enclosed the lot himself. When Kekauai went to be custodian for the fort, his wife had remained on the lot. I did not see Keaweaheula living there at that time. He came very recently, I saw him in 1847. I have heard that Kekauai and folks have posed objections for this lot.

Kapuhi, sworn, He has known that house lot had been for Kekauai from 1823, to the time he had gone to the fort. He has not known Kekauai had given it to Keaweaheula.

[Award 603; R.P. 1724, Puako Lahaina; 1 ap.; .12 Ac.; R.P. 589, King St. Honolulu]