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00601 Mary Hobbs
Claim Number: 00601
Claimant: Hobbs, John for Mary
Other claimant:Mary Hobbs
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Nuuanu St.
Statistics: 5586 characters 981 words
Claim No. 601, John Hobbs of Kauai, June 18, 1847
F.R. 77-79v2

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners, &c, &c.
As guardian for my daughter, Mary Hobbs & on her behalf I make application to you for a title to a small plot of land situate in the town of Honolulu of the dimensions and boundaries following:


The above was the property of my first wife, Maikuoho, who after her death left the same to her daughter, Mary Hobbs. It will however, be necessary to explain the manner in which she became possessed of the small piece of land in question.

On my marriage with my wife, Maikuoho, before Governor Adams in the year 1831, she owned a small plot of land on which for some time I resided with her. In 1838 some government improvements were in progress and the plot of land, the property of my wife, Maikuoho, was required to form a part of a new road or street, and in return for giving up that plot of land, the small piece now claimed, was given in exchange; the Governor superintending the location & size &c.

I have had possession of the above land (the property of my daughter, Mary Hobbs; to whom it was left by my deceased wife Maikuoho in the year 1832) for nearly 16 years; and I now file my claim with you for & on behalf of my daughter, Mary Hobbs, as her natural guardian during her infancy or until her marriage; and I have empowered, Mr. W.H. Rudolph to pay all expenses attending this application; and otherwise to act in my behalf.

In case you require witnesses, there are one or two kanakas now living whom I wish you to subpoena; who were cognizant of the transfer alluded to; one is Kaapali, living near the Canton Hotel; and the other is named Keo Koloa, residing near Mr. Smith's church. I wish also, if necessary, to subpoena ....

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.... ild, Mary of Mr. Hobbs, now in court. (Mr. Ii said her mother's name is Kamaikuohi.)
Freehold voted 22nd October.

N.T. 335-336v2
No. 601, John Hobbs, Honolulu, October 18, 1847

Keokoloa, sworn by the Word of God and stated, This property is in Honolulu here

On the north is Nuuanu Street; Mikekina's [Mr. Skinner] lot
On the east a moo (small fields, a division of land for the purpose of cultivation only)
On the south and Hale Nika's
[Harry Wallis?] place is on the western side.

Akoni had built the mud fence and there was a house and a well. I had seen John Hobbs living there on this lot at the time of Manuia.

John ii, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have seen the side that is on the northern part of Nuuanu Street. The following are the boundaries:

On the north is the lot of Aikake Luiki [Isaac Lewis]
On the east, the lot of Maiokahiki
On the south, the lot of a certain foreigner and
On the west is the first foundation of the French church.

I had seen John Hobbs living on this place when the chief had told me to work on that lot. The place had been enclosed, there were houses within it and there was a well. I had asked the people in that lot and they told me it was for John Hobbs just as he has said here.

M. Kekuanaoa, sworn by the Word of God and stated, That was my place previously and I had given it to John Hobbs. This place which I had given to hope [Hobbs] replaced the place taken for the road. Hope [Hobbs] had a daughter with his first wife, Kamaikuoha, named Mele Hope Mary Hobbs). I had given that place to John Hobbs in the year one thousand eight hundred thirty-seven or eight probably.

[Award 601; R.P. 22; Nuuanu St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .1 Ac.]