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Claim Number: 00595*O
Claimant: Rooke, T.C.B. for Young
Other claimant:Young, John heirs 9 of them
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona, Ewa
Ahupuaa: Waikiki, Halawa
Ili: Pahoa
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No. 595*O, [John Young heirs], Thomas Charles Byde Rooke, Honolulu, June 1847
F.R. 67-72v2

To the Honorable Board of Commissioners, &c.
Gentlemen: I beg leave to lay before you the two documents herewith enclosed.

[John Young Will]
No. 1 being an attested copy of the last will and testament of the late John Young, endorsed and guaranteed by his Majesty, Kamehameha III.

No. 2 being a former will which I produce in order to explain the intentions of the Testator, as I understood him from his oral explanation.

As far as my duties extend as an Executor I claim on the part of the several parties mentioned, the lands specified with all the privileges, & immunities appertaining to lands given on the battle field, as by custom or by law established. The original will can be produced when required.
Signed, T. Charles Byde Rooke

[Margin note: Marked Enclosure No. 1]
in the name of God, Amen, Whereas I, John Young, being of sound & perfect mind (thanks be to God for the same) but of infirm health, do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner & form following; namely:

First, I hereby bequeath & confirm my dear wife Mary, otherwise called Kuamoo, in possession of all those lands, which she, antecedent to the date hereof, has received in free gift from me. to wit:

[Margin note: Hawaii] 1. One land situated in the district of Puna & called Kamomo.
2. Also, one land situated in the district Hamakua, called Koloakiu.
3. Also four lands situated in the district of Kohala namely Ohuowao, Hoowalehalava, Kealahewa & Kaupo; all on the Island of Hawaii.

Further, all the rest & residue of the lands which I held possession of under the King & Chiefs of the Sandwich Islands:

4. To wit, twenty-three lands on the Island of Hawaii; namely Kukuihala, Waikahekahenui, Waikohekaheiki, in the district of Puna; Kukuwaunui and Kukuwauiki in the district of Hilo; Waikoloa, Waiakanui, Waiakaiki, Ouli, Kapaa, Waika, Kiiokalani and Kawaihae in the district of Kohala; Hianololi, Kahului, Pahoehoeiki, Pahea, Kaepapa, Kalama, Kiilae, and two small ilis at Kailua, in the district of Kona.

5. Five lands on the Island of Maui, namely Uaino in the district of Hana; Halehaku in the district of Hamakualoa, Honokahua in the ....

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N.R. 573-574v3
No. 595, T.C.B. Rooke, See page 709

The lands of the heirs of John Young /Olohana/

J.Y. Kaneoha
1. Ouli, Waimea, Hawaii
2. Ulaino, Maui
3. `Ili at Kahaluu, Kona, Hawaii.

Keoni Ana / John Young, Jr./
1. Kawaihae, Kohala, Hawaii
2. Kukuau, Hilo, Hawaii
3. Halehaku, Maui
4. Pahoa, Waikiki Oahu.

1. Kiiokalani, Kohala, Hawaii
2. Pahoehoe, Kona Hawaii
3. Haleu, Maui
4. Maunalei, Lanai.

G. Lahilahi
1. Waiaka 2, Kohala, Hawaii
2. Waika, Kohala, Hawaii
3. Pahoehoe, Kona, Hawaii
4. Waikahekahe, Puna, Hawaii.

1. Waiaka 1, Kohala, Hawaii
2. Kalama ili, Kona, Hawaii
3. Kahului, Kona, Hawaii
4. ½ Halawa, Ewa, Oahu.

1. Kamomoa, Puna, Hawaii
2. Kaloakiu `ili, Hamakua, Hawaii
3. Opuoao, Kohala, Hawaii
4. Hoowaliohalawa, Kohala, Hawaii
5. Kealahiwa, Kohala, Hawaii
6. Kaupo, Kohala, Hawaii.

G.D. Hueu
1. Waikoloa, Kohala, Hawaii
2. Kukuau 2, Hilo, Hawaii
3. Kiilae, Kona, Hawaii.

1. Honokahua, Maui
2. Kapaa, Kohala, Hawaii
3. Waikahekahe 2, Puna, Hawaii.

1. Kupeke, Molokai
2. Kapaewakua, Lahaina, Maui
3. Hianaloli, Kona, Hawaii.

Palace, September 1, 1848. This division was decided in the Privy Council of the Chiefs.
Kamehameha III

I consent to this document which state I have seen the land which are shared among his children. They shall not be dispossessed of their lands, which shall be bequeathed to their descendants, and I shall be responsible for them in this world.

F.T. 305v3
Cl. 924, T.C.B. Rooke, 21 October [1850]

Kuoha, sworn, she knows 1st lot mentioned in this claim. She once lived on it. Knows claimant bought it from Mary Green about when Boki went away. He gave $200 for it.

It is bounded:
Waikiki side by the road
Makai by Kamaikue's
Ewa by premises once owned by Moody French
Mauka by Mark Buckle's lot.

Claimant has held this lot in peace ever since the purchase.

[No. 595 not awarded; See 8524B for Peke; See 8518B for Kanehoa; See 8515 for Keoni Ana;]