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Claim Number: 00592
Claimant: Keolewa, heirs
Other claimant:Nawahia wife of Punipeka, Kamaikui
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Maunakea St.
Statistics: 7448 characters 1293 words
Claims No. 592, [Keolewa's heirs], 593! and 594!
F.R. 67v2

Native Register

N.R. 281-284v2
No. 592, Keolewa and P. Punipaka, Honolulu, Oahu, May 26, 1847

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: We hereby tell of our interest in our house lot here in Honolulu. It is a place which was given us when the Government Road took over our place. The survey is completed and the diagram is sent herewith.

There is also a parcel on the south side of the Government Road which is the parcel Nahinu says is his. Nahinu gave Kahinu this place and Kahinu has petitioned you for it. It is absolutely not Nahinu's - that place is ours.

This is the reason that Nahinu says it is his places. When the Honolulu roads were being improved my place was taken by the road. I was given this place where we live at this time. A little bit of my old place remained and I had put a large amount of soil there. Therefore Nahinu said he would build a wall for my new place. Then he took my soil and I consented, and he worked with me on the side of the wall along River Street. His work was very little /but/ he got a great deal of my soil and sold it to Kewe. He got $30 real dollars and 80 pieces of mamaki /tapa/. This was all we talked of - I did not at all give and convey that place, but only the soil was given. Nahinu said that place was given too but I denied it and M. Kekuanaoa awarded to me. Nahinu petitioned to Haalilio and Nahinu ma said to me that this place was to become an offlce of the ali`i, that it was taken complete-ly and would not be returned to me.

However, I did not hear it from Haalilio nor did he send for me to go and discuss it. This was the year 1840. I did not agree to this. I lived as M. Kekuanaoa had awarded me, nor did Nahinu ma build a house until n ....

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.... compensation except for the mud. After he had completed the work, he took the remaining mud and built a fence for Kewe and receiving $37.00 (2 /people/ had trimmed the enclosure).

Later after Nahunu had enclosed the place, he went to Koolau and saying the fence was for him but Keolewa was displeased and asked Kamahele to break down the fence. When Nahinu had heard about this, he went to complain to M. Kekuanaoa and after their discussion, the governor said, "Keolewa, you have nothing because you are wealthy." Then he complained to Haalilio. Haalilio asked, "Where is that old man for whom I have been waiting, he has not come." Then he said, "It has become yours on the status of a chief." 2 of Keowlewa's houses were broken apart in this work.

Kuapanio, sworn, I have seen this place. I had broken this road apart in 1837 because I was the overseer with 100 soldiers. I started to break apart from Manini's lot to Kepani's lot and Kekoa, Keoni and Mikila to Keolewa's lot and then had cut between 2 houses and the third, a morgue. Keolewa had said that Koloa lived under him, but since there was no house, they may go. So I had built /house/ and gave it to Koloa, then I had given Keolewa and Nahilu four weeks in which to build my two fences. At the end of the time I again talked to them, warning them of the consequences if they procrastinate. It had become necessary that I take the land away which I had done and gave it to Nahinu as ordered by the chiefs. I had not heard the word "live" but Haalilio wanted to compensate Nahinu for his work by allotting a separate place for him when he paid $50.00. The balance of the soil was used for the church.

[Award 592; R.P. 1032; Maunakea St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .06 Ac.; R.P. 1032 to Keolewa's Heirs - Kamaikui]