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Claim Number: 09639
Claimant: Kaniau
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Koolaupoko
Ahupuaa: Kaneohe
Ili: Waikalua, Keana, Punaluu
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No. 9639, Kaniau, Kaneohe, February 12, 1848
N.R. 415-416v4

To the Land Commissioners: I, the one whose name is below, hereby state my claim to you in my land in Kaneohe. I have a mo'o in the 'ili of Waikalua waho /outer Waikalua/. I entered on this land in the year 1842 and have had it since. I have paid the annual taxes during the time I have lived on this land. I got my land from Halale and no one has opposed me. I have twenty-four lo'i. One lo`i is in the 'ili of Keana - it was from Uilama.

These lo'i are not all in one place. There are four pu'uone /ponds/ in that same 'ili, two watercourses, one muliwai and also a small house lot. Ten lauhala /trees/ are in the 'ili of Punaluu.
Farewell and thanks.

F.T. 92v11
No. 9639, Kaniau

Mehekulu Hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona aina ma Kaneohe

Apana 1. 9 loikalo ma ka ili o Waikalua

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.... a by the poalima loi
Makai by Paele's loi
Kailua by Kaulahoa's loi.

No. 4 is bounded:
Mauka by the kula of Waikalua
Koolauloa by the kula of Punaluu
Makai by the sea beach
Kailua by the kula of Waikalua.

No. 5 is bounded:
Mauka by Paihoihowale's land
Koolauloa by the poalima of William
Makai by the poalima of William
Kailua by Paihoihowale's & William's lois.

The claimant received Nos 1, 2 & 3 from Halali in 1842 and he held them in peace until this year, when Kawana, the new konohiki, took them away (Kawana said he would restore them). No. 4 he received from his parents in the days of Kamehameha I. No. 5 he received from William Harbottle in the days of Kinau and his title to it has never been disputed.

Palau, sworn, verified the testimony of Mehekulu.

[Award 9639; R.P. 1378; Waikalua Kaneohe Koolaupoko; 4 ap.; 2.16 Acs]