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Claim Number: 00586
Claimant: Kuaana
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kahehuna
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No. 586, Kuaana
N.R. 274-278v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby testify in this petition for my land interest in three taro patches at this time, and the house lot where my home stands, at Kahe-huna, an `Ili of this ahupua`a of Honolulu, as follows:

1. The large taro patch, 42 fathoms long on both /long/ sides, and 8 fathoms wide on one side and 9 fathoms on the other.

2. Smaller taro patch, 11 fathoms long on both /long/ sides, and 8 fathoms wide on one side and 9 fathoms on the other.

3. Smallest taro patch, 12 fathoms long on both /long/ sides, 8 fathoms on one side and 2 fathoms on the other. This one is perhaps half an acre in size.

4. The house site. I think it is 10 yards. It would be best for me to survey from the sides of the house to the limit of 10 yards, then surround it with a fence. That is my idea, however it is up to you.
These are my interests in this land of the konohikis -
Two small taro patches and one large one. The large taro patch is the one about which there is trouble, and because of this, the two small patches and the house site may also be in trouble, so I think. Therefore, as a tenant. I petition for all these lands.

I occupied this place one year before the commotion about Kaoml, as a tenant, under the former konohiki who had the land. Thus it was until the year 1845. At that time I possessed five taro patches. Kapu, the former konohiki, took two, leaving me these three. All the patches and the house site for which I petition in order to have the advantage of protection because the konohiki has bothered me and my family and if all my rights are not clarified, then the trouble will continue forever.

My thought in this petition is not for those patches he took, but because the new konohiki is again taking the patches which remain to me, therefore I have denied him and petition because I have lived as a subject of the Mo`i under his laws and aut ....

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.... iki is the konohiki's place.

It has not been enclosed because it is plain land. I have not known when the land was obtained. I have seen those three houses for four years and they are for Kuaana."

Puali, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen Kuaana's place at Kahehuna in Honolulu here and the boundaries are

Kaihiaola's land is toward the mountain
Kalakoa, Ewa
Kaniho, toward the sea and
his land was on the Waikiki side.

The property had been surrounded by a fence and Kuaana had two houses there. Kuaana had received this land during Liliha's reign in the year 1834 from Kapu. He had lived there since that time and his relatives are there. When Kuaana had died, the land was obtained by Kapu II and when he had become unworthy the land was then trans-ferred to Kaumuohua.

He is a "Friday" worker for the konohiki. I have not known that he had been a Friday worker from the very beginning but at this time I see that he is a Friday man, also that there are so many *koeles."

See the oppositions of Kaumuohua below this page. [page 398 No. 697], See page 428

/koele - small land unit farmed by a tenant for the chief/

N.T. 428-429v2
No. 586, Kuaana, From page 398, December 17 [1847]

Kukeahia, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen this land. It is in the Honolulu district; a Friday lot

Mauka; Kalakoa's place
Ewa and makai and on the Waikiki side is Kaniho's property.

I had seen Kuaana living there in the year 1839 and it was taken recently in the month of February, 1847. I think the property is for Kuaana and Kaunuohua had taken it for he was the konohiki and because the property was said to be a koele but I have not known it to have been a koele at any time." See page 397 and for Kaunuohua's objections, page 398, also page 427.[See Award 697]

[No. 586 not awarded]