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Claim Number: 00550
Claimant: Kepehe
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Statistics: 6076 characters 1069 words
No. 550, Kapehe, March 22, 1847
N.R. 244-245v2

Greetings to the Honorable Richards: I hereby petition you /because/ my two taro patches have been taken by Matthew Kekuanaoa, the two remaining were given at this time by the konohiki - a weed-grown fragment, and I think it is not good to live here. I lived on that land 8 years; from the year 1839 to the 26th of May is the length of time I had those taro patches and cultivated them well. We are opposing the konohiki, Kaniku, at this time. I lived as a tenant under the konohiki without omitting his work/ days and the tribute of the land and the government's po`alua days. My /message/ to you is to return the taro patches quickly lest my food supply be endangered. Also there is a law, page 25, about dispossession from the land and plundering.
Kaaiweoweo is my /witness?/

F.T. 55v2
Claim No. 550, Kapehe, October 27 [1847]

Kahunahuna, sworn, The place is in suburbs of Honolulu. It consists of two kalo patches, and was given to the claimant - one patch has been taken away. (Note no more answer could be obtained from this witness for reasons unknown).

Kaaiku, sworn, the place is in Honolulu aina. I know that Kauiku gave that place to Kapehu in Kinau's time. Kauiku was konohiki under Governor Kekuanaoa. I know also that some kalo patches were taken from claimant by Kekuanaoa, but I do not know how many. This happened last year. There were only two and th ....

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.... the Word of God and stated, Kapehe had filed a claim with King Kauikeaouli for these patches and the king had written to me in the month of February to return Kapehe's patches and I had refused saying that the children of Kuapuhi are here and they are entitled to the land. That land is mine, Kuapuhi is mine and upon his death had bequested the patches to me.

When the king had heard these words he gave up his idea but had sent Ke-liiahonui with these words in writing; Later Kapehe made a claim to me for these patches, so I had said to him, No: the children of Kuapuhi are the owners of these patches. Kapehe said, They are my patches. Then I had asked him a question to which he had answered, Kaniku had given me my interest, I've had these patches for two years. I said to Kapehe, You go to Kaniku's patches and those would be yours, but these patches here are for Kuapuhi's daughters. He had been dissatisfied with my statements, wherefrom he had com-plained to the tax assessor and there a hearing was held. The court had decided in favor of Kuapuhi's children.

Later again, Kapehe had filed a claim to me. This court was in favor of Kua-puhi's children for the second time. Finally Kapehe had appealed to the supreme officer and for the third time the court had been in favor of the Kuapuhi's children receiving those patches. The proceedings of that court is with me.

See the objection of Kapehe, pg. 358.

[No. 550 not awarded]