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Claim Number: 00534
Claimant: Kekai, wahine
Other claimant:French, William
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Alakea St.
Statistics: 6306 characters 1087 words
[No. 534, Kekai], Claims No. 530 to 538 inclusive
F.R. 25v2

Native Register

No. 534B, Hai,
N.R. 227-229v2

No. 534 Kekai

Greetings to you, John Ii; the Deputy Governors: I thought of explaining to you the rights to my lot and its situation, for you to explain to the Minister of Education of the Government and the Privy Council of the Mo`i, to seek the rightness of the two sides, myself and Mr. Palani /Mr. French/ . I went to him to inquire about the indebtedness on the house and the remaining years of indebtedness.

He did not tell me /although/ I went three times to him and wrote twice. He told my man $1,500 saying there were 4 or perhaps 5 years; therefore I was astonished, because there have been a great many years of indebtedness to him?/ since the death of David Kamehameha I to this time. It was he who did the work and he who did the leasing, not I. Therefore I describe the house to you: Palani did not give the least bit there. When that house was begun by me, we sought to supply the needs. I bought the stones from Kapena Kamana/Captain Carpenter?/, and the beams were set up above on the posts, and the house was ready. Then he said to me "I am thinking of completing the house with all the furniture that is lacking, such as the paper /wallpaper/, chairs, table, beds, mirrors." I gave $3,000 of my own money to Mr. French's depositary. Mr. French did not place this there, nor any other foreigner, Just we two /herself and husband/. Therefore, it is not $3,000 for the furnishings as in the estimate mentioned previously. Therefore, in your own thought, being clever people, in awarding to the two sides, if it is to me, if the government assists in the house, the house will assist the government - I, or my heirs, because our Lord has work for me. At this time he has a claim against me, if this is awarded, as I have heard.

F.T. 57-58v2
Claim No. 534, Kekai, wahine, November 3 [1847]

John Neddles on affirmation deposed, I know this land. It is situated in Honolulu.

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.... g been duly liquidated, and that he relinquished all further demand upon the property. Dated May 1st 1851. See page 168, volume 2 Testimony.

N.T. 360-362v2
No. 534, Kekai (wahine), November 3 [1847]

John Neddle, sworn by the Word of God and stated, This land is in Honolulu here where

on the Ewa side is William Waren's lot
mauka is Hariet Blanchard's lot
Waikiki, the lot of Mr. Palani (French) and Kea Street and
makai is the hospital for the Americans.

She had lived there for 20 years probably.

That property had been taken by Kapena Ewaki (Captain Ebbets) and given to Kauka Palanika (Dr. Serriere?). After this Kapena Ewaki (Ebbets) wanted to buy a place for Kekai from Kuene and I had refused this. Then he had fetched Kauka Poka (Dr. Ford) that he may buy a place for this woman who was 10 or 18 years old probably; I do not know. Later her husband said to me to buy that place for Kekai. I have not known her interest but have heard that Mr. French was the person with an interest. It was Kekai who had built the stone house on the ground level besides other houses and a kitchen. Epeka (Ebbetts) had built the wooden house on the top of the stone house that Kekai had built. This property has been enclosed with a mud wall and I have heard from Kauka Poka (Dr. Ford) that she had received this land from the king.

Namauu, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have known this land to be for Kekai. It was she who had built the stone house on the ground level and her husband had built the wooden house on the top of that stone house. I have heard about the husband having built that house and that he had done it for his wife, Kekai.

I have seen him (Ebbetts) living there from the year 1826 to the year 1829, which was the time Manuia was living at the fort. I have not known that anyone else had a claim there. That property is for Kekai from the beginning and he had wanted it for himself, so he had sought a place for her.

[Award 534; R.P. 1909; Alakea St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .22 Ac.]