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Claim Number: 09119
Claimant: Kamanu, M. wahine
Other claimant:George Wood
Other name: Mrs. George Wood
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kalawahine, Waikahalulu
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No. 9119, Kamanu, Honolulu, 12 February 1848
N.R. 421-422v4

The Land Commissioners, Greetings: Because of the enactment of the Law, therefore I hereby state to you my little claim for land, some lo'is and some little cultivated kulas adjacent to them, and a house site close by, for the farming. I have occupied this place a long time under the one who has the land and the government taxes, and have lived there continuously with no opposition from anyone. My right of occupancy is as a tenant. There are a great many people who know of my occupancy, the people who farm with us in this place, and also the one who has the land. I hereby request that you award me and my successors and heirs the right of which I have spoken to you, to have the title quieted.

N.T. 17v10
No. 9119, Kamanu, 24 May 1851

Section 2

L. Haalelelo, assistant konohiki, sworn - I have seen this patch named Kauhina, in the ili of Kalawahine, Honolulu, but I do not know its boundaries nor the time he had obtained it, the chiefs Kekauluohi have not told me these things. I have seen the true claim Kekauluohi had given Kamanu with a land deed. They had enclosed the lot and it has been that way to the present time. No one has ever objected.

See page 19.

N.T. 19v10
No. 9119, Kamanu, From page 17, 1 July 1851, (1037 Kanunu dispute)

Kalehua (female), sworn, I have seen his land in Kalawahine, Honolulu, 6 patches, a house site and a pasture in one section.

The b ....

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.... atch called "Kauhina." It formerly belonged to the Government but in 1830 perhaps it went to Kekauonohi. After it went to her, she kept it as a poalima. I think George Wood has cultivated this patch since about 1840, but I never heard that Kekauonohi gave him this patch lilo loa.

Keekapu, sworn says, my husband, Pehu, was Luna of this land under Keliiahonui. "Kauhina" was a koele at that time. Kahekili gave this patch to George Wood about 1844 perhaps. Kahekili was a luna under Kekauonohi. All I know about it is that George Wood has cultivated this patch since that time. I do not know that it was given to him lilo loa.

Koi, sworn, the land which Wood has enclosed was given to him when Kekauonohi lived at Maui. The patch in dispute was given to him in 1844. I was at Kekauonohi's house when she was preparing to go to Kauai. Mrs. Wood came then and Kekauonohi asked her for some silk, cloth, &c. Mrs. Wood got, gave her 3 rolls of silk bought at Reynold's store. Kekauonohi gave Kamanu (Mrs. Wood) $90 to pay for the silk, &c. On the same day Kekauonohi gave orders to her luna to let the Woods have the patch called "Kauhina," & further that they should not pay any konohiki tax for the land they held before. Since that time they have held the patch under the konohiki. The konohiki tax was paid by Kamanu to save her from going to the poalima labor.

[Award 9119; R.P. 1234; Kalawahine Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 2.82 Acs; R.P. 2223; Waikahalulu Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; 1.24 Acs]