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Claim Number: 00533
Claimant: Kekupuohi, wahine
Other claimant:Kauluhaimalama, husband
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Polelewa, Fort St.
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[No. 533, Kekupuohi], Claims No. 530 to 538 inclusive
F.R. 25v2

Native Register

N.R. 226v2
No. 533, Kekupuohi, [wahine]

Greetings to the Land Commissioners of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii: I hereby tell you of my rights at a place being worked on by Mahune and the children of Puhiula. Their request is wrong because I am still alive. They did not ask me, the ones /her husband and herself/ to whom Puhiula gave it. Mahune is wrong in acting independently. He did not tell me, the one whose place this is, who has had trouble because of his leasing. I am not separate - until this time my re-tainers still live here, my and my husband's kahus. Mahune's occu-pancy at this place was under me and my kane. When my kane sailed with the ali`i I remained at this place. After the Kauai war Hoapili ma returned and told me to return to Maui. Then Mahune said, "If you return how would it be if we all occupied it now; here are the retainers and our kahus. If you go, they can stay to guard the house and all our things. That is how Mahune spoke to me, therefore I request that the
Kingdom give me this place. I asked my friends, his kaikainas, and was denied. They had no bequest from the dead person, it is bequeathed to a wahine moekolohe /adulterous woman/ together with a keiki of his friend.

Therefore, I firmly deny that they have any movable property at this place; it is for me and the government. The place where I live with my people is mine, and half for the government. I ask you truthfully and if you have doubts let me know. Some of my witnesses are John Ii and Z. Kaauwai, and many other people who know.

F.T. 117v3[No. 10800, Puhalahua]

F.T. 123-127v3
Claim No. 533, Kekupuohi, #10800, Puhalahua, and 10800B, Malaopu, counter- Mahune's heirs, continued from page 117 [See 10800, Puhalahua]

By order of the Board, these claims were taken up for a rehearing. Dr. G.P. Judd and W. E. Maikai appeared for the heirs of Mahune, and Kekupuohi in person.

Paulo Kanoa, sworn, I know the land in dispute between Kekupuohi & the heirs of Mahune. I knew it when it was all in one street, before the street called Fort St was laid out. This land was then occupied by Mahune and others under him. I and a Chinaman had houses there which were destroyed when Fort St. was cut through by Kinau by order of Government. At that time Mahune asked what was to be done with these houses and Kekuanaoa answered, Place them on the Waikiki side of the road, and I think they were put there in 1837. I lived with Kinau & Kekuanaoa at that time as Secretary. I never heard from whom Mahune derived his title, but I know he lived there in 1823 and to occupy this land till about 1834, when Pahiula & his sister, who lived near, set up a claim to it, and appealed to the Governor to given them possession of it, but he decided that it was Mahune's.

The first fence built on this land was stick, and built by Mahune and his people about 1826. I lived on ....

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.... with the foreigner, Makee, is for Kekupuohi's land and I have not seen nor heard that he (Kekupuohi) had received any payment for that land from this sale.

Kaiole, sworn, I have seen this land just as Nalehu has told you here. I have seen the place which had been leased. Those people had been paying Mahune but after his death I have not known to whom their lease is paid.

N.T. 453-454v3
Protest #532!, Kekupuohi, From page 48, April 20, 1849
[should be 533]

Kahahawai, sworn, I have seen this land which is being disputed. This place had been for Puhiula during the time of Liholiho and was given to Kauluhaimalama before Liholiho went to Britain and Kauluhaimalama remained (here). When Kauluhaimalama went to Britain, he bequested this place and the land to his wife to care for them until his return; he would then have an enclosure. I did not hear Kekupuohi's bequest for Mahune when she had departed for Maui. I think Mahune had lived under Kekupuohi because he (Kauluhaimalama) had directed his wife (Kekupuohi) thus: "Take care of the men, do not chide when they do anything unpleasant because man is important"; so living had continued under Kekupuohi and by the same token Kekupuohi had never ill-treated Mahune, then Mahune died. I have not heard he had bequested to his younger brothers and I feel that Kekupuohi has the interest there at the present time.

Kauluhaimalama's bequest follows: "I am now going to Tahiti. The lands of the chiefs would be by the chiefs; those of Hoapili, he who is one of your husbands, would be by him and for all of the people would be by you. If when I am gone and you would have forgotten, then my son, Keola, is the heir and Hoapili would be over you."

Puahokoki, sworn, I had seen this place before Liholiho had gone on a trip to Britain. Puhiula had owned this land and had given it to Kauluhaimalama. Kauluhaimalama ran off and the land went to Kekupuohi as bequested with Mahune and Puhalahua as subjects to Kauluhaimalama and his wife. It was Kekupuohi who asked Mahune to build houses. I think Kekupuohi is the claimant for this place and not Mahune because he is under her; also at the death of Mahune, he had not made a bequest for his younger brothers. However, it is understood that Mahune had considered directly to the chiefs only, he had no thought for anyone else. I had not known Z. Kaauwai had a sale with Kekupuohi. Paulo Kanoa: I had seen Mahune when he made a statement and had given $20.00 to take directly to the chief. It was I who had delivered the money. "Our statement for sale, No!" says Kekupuohi. "It is not true," says Kaauwai.

G. P. Judd, sworn, I am standing to say these words as to the reason Mahune had not presented his claim. I have heard from Richards that Puhiula and folks had a quarrel with Mahune and after this incident, he immediately had a lease with Makee and Co. because he thought he had won.

[No. 533 not awarded; Index says see Award 8B, but there is no 8B; See 8, Puhiula ?]