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Claim Number: 00491
Claimant: Haawahine, Wahine
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku, Kula
Ahupuaa: Waikapu, Waiohuli, Kamaole
Ili: Kaleapelo, Kaopala, Kamauhali
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No. 491, Haawahine, Feb, 4, 1846
N.R. 200v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I have a kuleana at Waikapu named Koloapelu; Maalaea is the fishery, Keaho gave it to Kauhiohaloa, She was the wahine of Keaho at this time and Kapupuu had it from her, When Kapupuu died in 1832 I was bequeathed the land, the nets, and everything, There are also 9 taro patches on this land, some are leased for fish and some for a pig, and some are really farmed, At Kaapala is one taro patch /and/ a fish pond for my little Kaikamahine which I ask to be returned to me,

F.T. 486v7
Cl. 491, Hawahine, Wahine

Keakini, sworn, I know the lands of the Claimant. They consist of 5 pieces in Waikapu, and 3 pieces in Kula, Maui.

No. 1 is 4 lois in the ili of Kaleapelo.
No. 2 is 1 loi in the ili of Kaleapelo.
No. 3 is 2 loi in the ili of Kaleapelo.
No. 4 is 1 loi in the ili of Kaopala.
No. 5 is a kula wauke in Kamauhali.
No. 6 is a Potato ground in Waiohuli, Kula.
No. 7 is a Potato ground in Waiohuli, Kula.
No. 8 is a Potato ground in Kamaole, ....

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.... ku. No opposition. Kaai returned these lo`is for Haawahine. He swore on the Holy Bible to return them to Haa.

[No.] 1. is bounded:
Mauka by my land
Waihee byKeone /John Crowder/
Kula and Maalaea by my land.

[No.] 2. is bounded:
Mauka by Kaai
Waihee by Kaalauahi
Kula by my land
Maalaea by Kaai.

[No.] 3. is bounded:
Mauka by Kaalauahi
Waihee by Charles oopa /Charles Copp/
Kula by Komo
Maalaea by Kaai.

[No.] 4. is bounded:
Mauka by Keawe
Waihee by Kamakai
Kula by Kaai
Maalaea by Kainoa.

[No.] 5. is bounded:
Mauka by pali
Waihee, the same
Kula by stream
Maalaea by pali.

[No.] 7. is bounded:
Mauka, Honuaula and Makai by Emilia's lands
Makawao by the Ahupua`a of Koheo.

[No.] 6. is bounded:
Mauka by Kaai
Honuaula by Kole
Makai by Kapohaku
Makawao by the Ahupua`a of Koheo.

[No.] 8. is bounded:
Mauka by Luukia
Honuaula by Keawe
Makai by the same
Makawao by Kuihewa.

[Award 491; R.P. 3139; Kaloapelu Waikapu; 3 ap.; .23 Ac.; Kaopala Waikapu; 1 ap.; .10 Ac.]