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Claim Number: 00483*O
Claimant: Kualaula
Other claimant:Kahanaumaikai
Other name: Kekualaula
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Punchbowl St.
Statistics: 5397 characters 939 words
No. 483*O, Kekualaula, 16 February 1847
N.R. 195v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby tell you of my kuleana at Lahaina. I have the right by bequest - it was from my hoahanau, Nihomauole. This was his place from Kakaihili. He lived there continuously and also our /we two/ makuahine, Halimakuhi and our kaikamahine, Kahionamaka. This place became absolutely mine. Some other people know of my residing there, and one of my rights to live there is from the Mo`i - this place was conveyed to the Mo`i by Hoapili.
I am,
KUALAULA X, his mark

Let mine be done quickly and we will all return together.
See No. 523, page 218. [See No. 523]

N.T. 209-210v2
No. 483, Kekualaula

Kalahohina, sworn by the Bible, I have seen the place where Kalimakuhi had lived and was left to Kanihomauole. They had lived there together. I had seen Kekualaula living there at the time the chiefs had returned with the corpse of Nahienaena. I did not hear their conversation together. Living there is what I have seen. I have not heard of anyone else having an interest there. It has been enclosed with a fence, of which one section is for Keohokalole, another is a lot for the haole and the other side is for himself. I have heard from Kekualaula that there has been objections to him.

Z. Kaauwai, sworn by the Word of God, I know very well this property that Kekualaula is claiming. I have known that this property had been for Kanihomauole and Kalimakuhi. When the chiefs returned with the corpse of Nahienaena was the time I had seen Kekualaula living there. I have heard only that his cousin had given it (land) to him and I have heard Hoapili giving that land for his servant. I know very well Kanihomanole&apos ....

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.... re since the chiefs had gone to Maui until the present time. I have not known that they have built a new fence or have again built houses there.

N.T. 253-254v2
No. 483, Kekualaula, From pg. 252, Honolulu, July 28, 1847

Kailaa, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have seen the property Kamaikaaloa is claiming. It is on the east side of Kanikela's place and two persons own that lot, Ihu and Kamaikaaloa. Kamaikaaloa had sold that lot (but) later he came to take the door of the house away and at the same time he gave me that lot permanently. Kamaikaaloa had required that land when the chiefs went to Maui and his right there had been from the chief. I had heard at this time that Kamaikaaloa had given that land to Kekualaula ma and I did see them living there. Kamaikaaloa was on Maui at the time that land was given to Kekualaula ma.

Kuaea, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I have seen this property which is being mentioned. It is on the east end of Kamikela's lot with two konohiki there, Kamaikaaloa and Kaaukai. There had been no house there before and they did not live there long. When the king went to Maui, Kamaikaaloa left also. Kailaa was the person who lived there at the time Kamaikaaloa had gone to Maui.

When Kuluwailehua became the tax assessor, I had seen Hanaumaikai ma living there. Kekualaula had lived there thro' Kamaikaaloa. All of the temporal ne-cessities there had belonged to Kekualaula. Kamaikaaloa had fenced the place, altho' it was not done completely. The grass and mud huts and the materials with which to complete the enclosure of the lot were all for Kekualaula.

[Award 483; R.P. 1617; Punchbowl St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .83 Ac.; Kekualaula for Kahanaumaikai]