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Claim Number: 08559B*O
Claimant: Lunalilo, William C.
Other claimant:Kanaina, Charles for King
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona, Koolauloa
Ahupuaa: Waikiki, Kapahulu, Kaalaea, Laie, Pahipahialua, Kapaka
Ili: Kamoku, Pau, Kalauakou, Laiewai, Laiemaloo,
Statistics: 12265 characters 1791 words
No. 8559B*O, (W.C. Lunalilo) C. Kanaina
F.T. 551-552v3

W.H. Uana, sworn, says he knows the house lot of Lunalilo, in Kaluaaha, Molokai. It is bounded:

Mauka by the public road
On the Halawa side by a fish pond of the government called "Neaupala"
Makai by the sea beach
On Kaluaakoi side by a government fish pond called "Kaluaaha."

This lot formerly was ordered to be enclosed by Hoapili wahine and Kekauluohe when Eseta Kipa was Governess of Molokai. The people of Kekauluohi's lands erected a stone house on this lot in the year 1835. It is now in possession of Lunalilo as heir of Kekauluohi.

E. Kipa, sworn says, she knows the lot. I was Governess of Molokai under Hoapili wahine & Kekauluohi in former times, and by their orders enclosed this lot and built a stone house on it with the labor of the people of their own lands. When the government sold the land of "Kaluaaha" to the Missionaries, I heard Kalolou come and ask permission from Kanaina to live in the stone house, which permission she got.

(A. Paki sets up a claim for this lot as heir of Kalaolou.)

L. Haalelea, sworn says, he knows the house lot claimed by Lunalilo in Kailua, Hawaii. It is bounded:

On Kiholo side by the church lots
Makai by the public road
On Keauhou side by a road leading mauka
Mauka by some house lots.

It is enclosed by a wall. This lot I have heard belonged formerly to Keaho, the father of Mahuka. I have heard that when Keaho died he left this lot to Kekauluohi, and I have recently seen a letter from Mahuka to W.C. Lunalilo requesting him to allow Mahuka to retain charge of this lot under Lunalilo. In 1843 I was at Kailua & Kekauluohi was there. I then saw the later Governor Adams give her some money which he said was rent received for this same lot. Part of this lot is claimed by the heir of W.P. Leleiohoku. There is a fence remaining though and dividing the lot into two parts.

F.T. 82-84v16 and N.T. 82-84v16
No. 8559B, William C. Lunalilo

Polea, sworn says, he knows the lots claimed by William C. Lunalilo, at Lahaina, Maui.

The first called Luaehu, is bounded as follows:
Mauka by Kaiheekai and Hiram's land
Olowalu by King's land
Makai by Sea beach
Kaanapali by Polea and M.J. Nouliau [Nowlien].

The second in Pakala is bounded as follows:
Mauka by Public street
Olowalu by Kaiheekai's land
Makai by H.S. Swinton's and others' land
Kaanapali by Public road.

The third lot called Hawaikaekea is also bounded as follows:
Mauka by Kalaleikio's land
Olowalu by Public road
Makai by Alaloa Kahiko street
Kaanapali by Daniela Ii's land.

This lot is disputed by Manuahina the wife of George Shaw, whose claim in right of her father. She has already got an award for a part of this lot.

The fourth lot in Paunau is bounded as follows:
Mauka by Keaweiheuhu's and Kahula's land
Olowalu by Keaweluaole ....

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.... own children, but I am demanding according to the old bequest of Keaho to M. Kekauluohi as well as by many other statements.

Naea, sworn, I have seen Kaai's place in Keopu of Kona, Hawaii, which is a house lot.

Mauka by Mahuka's lot
South Kona by a road
Makai by Government road
Kohala by vacant lot.

Land from Keoho (his father) upon his (Keoho) death in 1833. Keoho had obtained it long ago as idle land.

Kaai has always lived there peacefully to the present time.

Now C. Kanaina has offered a protest, I do not know the reason for it.

Kioloa, sworn, all of the statements above are true. I have known in the same way. I have not known the place was for C. Kanaina. It had been for Keoho, Kaai's father and now Kaai is the true claimant of this place.

[Award 8559B; (Oahu); R.P. 7635; Kamoku Waikiki (apana 30); R.P. 8193, 8311 & 8416; Pau Waikiki (apana 29)(see Kapahulu award); R.P. 8434; Pau Waikiki Kona; (ap. 29); R.P. 8124; Kapahulu Kona; 1 ap.; 31.50 Acs (apana 32); R.P. 8165; Kapahulu Kona; 2 ap.; 2,184.44 Acs (apana 32); R.P. 8514; Kaea Kapahulu Waikiki; 1 ap.; 6.16 Acs; R.P. 7652; Kaluakou Waikiki (apana 31); R.P. 7531; Kaalaea Koolaupoko; 1 ap.; 1340 Acs;(apana 33); R.P. 7494; Laie-wai Koolauloa (apana 35); Laie-maloo Koolauloa (apana 36); R.P. 5688; Pahipahialua Koolauloa (apana 37); 704 Acs; no R.P.; Kapaka Koolauloa (apana 34); (Maui) R.P. 8395; Polanui Lahaina; 1 ap.; 440 Acs (apana 25); R.P. 8129; Honolua Kaanapali; 1 ap.; 3860 Acs (ahupua`a, apana 23); R.P. 7664; Pepee Wailuku; R.P. 8396; 1 ap.; 255.7 Acs; Kalimaohe Lahaina; 2 ap.; 4.93 Acs; (apana 24); R.P. 8397; Kuholilea Lahaina; 2 ap.; 184. 5 Acs; (apana 26); R.P. 5637; Paunau Lahaina; 1 ap.; 2 roods 24 perkas (apana 4); R.P. 5639; Aki Lahaina; 1 ap.; 16 perkas (apana 6); no R.P.; Paeohi Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 52 rods; R.P. 5699; Loiniu (Luaehu Waianae) Lahaina; 2 ap.; 2.75 Acs 37 rods; R.P. S8550/S8546 & S8537. Kaapahu Kipahulu; 1 ap.; (ahupuaa, apana 19); Waiehu 2 Wailuku; no R.P. Ahikuli Waiehu; (Hawaii) R.P. 478; Pakiniiki Kau; 1 ap.; 2357 Acs; Makanaloa Hilo; 2 ap.; 7600 Acs; R.P. 7049; Honuapo Kau; 1 ap.; ahupuaa 2200 Acs; Honuaino nui; 1 ap.; 262 Acs; R.P. 7454; Kawanui iki Kona; 1 ap.; 380 Acs; R.P. 7455; Lehuula nui; 1 ap.; 290 Acs; Lehuula nui; 1 ap.; 2840 Acs; Puapuaanui Kona; 1 ap.; 370 Acs; R.P. 7680; Kahena 2 N. Kohala; 1 ap.; (ap.4); ahupuaa; Puako S. Kohala; 1 ap.; Iliaina (Ap.6); Kahaualea Puna; 1 ap.; 26,000; Keahialaka Puna; 1 ap.; 5562 Acs; Pepeekeo Hilo; Keaau Puna; 1 ap.; 64.275 Acs; Kawela Hamakua; R.P. 7434; Honuainonui N. Kona; R.P. 7456; Lanihau Nui Kona; R.P. 8452; Waikoekoe Hamakua; no R.P.; Makapala Kohala; R.P. 7192 Makanaloa Hilo; 2 ap.; 7600 Acs; (Molokai) R.P. 7655; Waialua; R.P. 7656 Kawela;(Kauai) R.P. 8173; Kalihiwai Halelea; no R.P. Manuahi Hanapepe; R.P. 8323; Kahili Koolau; R.P. 7060; Pilaa Koolau; R.P. 7373; Waipouli Puna; See 8559 to C. Kanaina who is awarded a property at Ukumehame under 8559B; see also Award 277]