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Claim Number: 08515*M
Claimant: Keoni Ana/John Young, Jr.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku, Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Owa, Puako, Haleu, Halehaku
Ili: Holili
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No. 8515*M, Keoni Ana [John Young]
F.R. 26v3

Claim 8515 Keoni Ana, See Native Register Volume [left blank] Page [left blank].

N.R. 708v3
No. 8515 John Young /Jr./ /Keoni Ana/, Palace, February 14, 1848

Greetings: I hereby describe my lands and those of my cousins, for you to investigate and award. Given below are the names of the lands, and the ones who have the land.
With thanks,

John Young's /Jr.? /Keoni Ana/
for Kamaikui
Puunui, an `ili Honolulu, Kona, Oahu.
Puunoa for Lahilahi Ahupuaa, Lahaina, Maui.

The Inherited Lands,
East Kawaihae, Ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii
Keaku 1, Ahupuaa, Hilo, Hawaii.

Halehaku, Ahupuaa, Hamakua, Maui

Panoa, an `ili, Kona, Oahu

[See below 8518B for James Y. Kanehoa and 8519B for Pane /Fannie's/, Peke 8524B, Julia Alapai Kauwa 8525B for Maui holdings]

N.R. 711-713v3
[continuation of above] Keoni Ana, Honolulu, 14 February, 1848

Greetings to you all: Here are my houselots:

On Oahu
1. Lot at Luakaha, H. Kalama
2. Lot in Honolulu on the north side of the small school house lot, C.K. and K. III / C. Kanaina? and Kamehameha III/
3. Lot on the southwest of the lot of Namauu.
4. Lot at Kahua, for Kaumealani, on whose death it was bequeathed to my wahine.

On Maui
1. Lot just mauka of the Fort lot at Lahaina. Kamehameha III.
2. Lot of Keukoa wahine which the Mo`i gave to my wahine.
3. Lot at Wailuku from the Mo`i.
4. Lot at Wailuku from the Mo`i to my wahine.

1 lo`i at Kapalama, Oahu.
When my right is determined, kindly award these.
With thanks,

The diagram of the lot of Keoni Ana in Lahaina on Maui.

Beginning at the east corner of this land and running between this land and that of I. Kaeo:
South 53° 45' West, 2 chains 21 4/12 feet to the mauka side of the Government Road, then turning and running
North 38° 15' West 2 chains, 43 8/12 feet to the fence of Richards, then
North 45° 45' East 2 chains, 3 4/12 feet to the land of Richards, then
South 45° 15' East, 2 chains, 50 feet to the place of beginning, including the entire adobe wall surrounding this land, in this survey. The area contained in this land is 204 fathoms, 15 feet square.
Surveyed, January 31, 1848
John Richardson ....

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.... lso.

Paki had received this land from Keaweluaole in 184? /blotted/ and life had been comfortable until 1848. Kauwa, John Young's servant took these patches which I had given my uncle Pehu to cultivate so I complained to the tax assessor at which time a payment of $10.00 was demanded. Again he took land for which he had to pay $12.00 upon complaint; however, he had attended Friday work from the beginning until the land was taken away. He has not done any Friday or konohiki work on konohiki days and the crop which is growing at this time is for John Young's attendant. I have no claim at Kaliu, only Paki has /claim/.

Kuukuu, sworn, I am a native of lower Kaliu in Honolulu district. Keaweluaole had given 2 patches to Konia after which Pehu, the father of Kauanui, asked me for some patches. I did give him a pasture from which he built two patches and lived under the konohiki until his death. Those patches were then given to me at which time I told them I have no children, I have a nephew, Kauanui, and that it would be best to give them to him. It has been that way to this time.

Postponed until John Young, Paki and Kekaulahao shall make an investigation on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

N.T. 352v10
No. 8515, John Young (Keoni Ana), 22 April 1854 (from page 408, Vol. 3, F/T.) [Nos. 7713, 10474, 7716, 7714B, & 7712]

Kukahiko, sworn, I have this house lot, which belongs to John Young in Luakaha ili in Nuuanu, Honolulu, Oahu.

Mauka, Kaholuahune's land
Waikiki, Nuuanu Street
Makai and Ewa, the konohiki's land.

This place was received from King Kamehameha III in 1846, probably, and he has had it since that time to the present time. No objections.

Maneo (kane), sworn, I have known in the same way as Kukahiko has related, indeed. here were no objections.

[Award 8515; (Maui) R.P. 2155; Owa Wailuku; 2 ap.; 3.05 Acs; R.P. 1881 Holili Puako Lahaina; 1 ap.; 3 roods 10 rods; Haleu Lahaina; 1 ap.; .5 Ac.; R.P. 1666 Halehaku Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; ahupua`a; R.P. 1667; (for G. Lahilahi) Puunoa Lahaina; 1 ap.; ahupuaa; (Oahu) Alapai Kapalama; R.P. 6778 Queen St. Honolulu; R.P. 6776 Luakaha Nuuanu; R.P. 1666; Pahoa Waikiki; (Hawaii) R.P. 1666 & 8482 Kawaihae Hikina Kohala; R.P. 1666 & 8089 & 8171 Kukuau 1 Hilo; See Oahu for the rest of testimony for 8515]