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Claim Number: 08452*H
Claimant: Keohokalole, A. wahine
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Kohala, North,Kona, South,K
Ahupuaa: Kealakekua, Kaawaloa, Onouli, Keahulolu, Pau, Paahau, Puna, Keaiwa, Kawela
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No. 8452*H, Keohokalole, Waikiki, Oahu, February 5, 1848
N.R. 567-568v5

I, the one whose name is below, hereby state my claims in my lands to enter in the lands of the Mo`i. These are things done by my own hands, with my people.

At Waiomao, one orange tree and my cultivated valley, an `Ili in Waikiki, with seven lo`i.
At Kapiwai are two mala of coffee and one mala of lauhala, one lo`i, and also a cultivated lot. This in an `Ili in the Ahupua`a of Honolulu, Island of Oahu.

At Makua, on the Island of Oahu, one orange tree.

At Aamakao, an Ahupua`a on the Island of Hawaii, is one lo`i, and a house lot and an orange tree.
In the District of Kau, Ahupua`a of Wailau, is a house lot in the land.
In the Ahupua`a of Kaalaiki is a lot like that /in Wailau/. These are on the Island of Hawaii.

At Lahaina, in Kuhua Ahupua`a, is a mala of lauhala.
At Honouliwai, an Ahupua`a on the Island of Molokai are two orange trees.
At Kula, Island of Maui, Keokea Ahupua`a, there are three small mala of sweet potatoes and one mala of taro, made by our own hands, not by /those of/ the /people of the/ land.
At Kooka, an Ahupua`a in Lahaina, are four coconut trees and a single coconut tree at the shore in the lot of Kualaula, in Kiika, a /total of/ five coconut trees, and some kou trees at Pahoa, which have not been counted, also a hala clump is there, at the seashore.
I am with aloha, respectfully,
KEOHOKALOLE, who affirms this is my name, signed by Z. Kaauwai

F.T. 573v3
No. 8452, Keohokalole

Awahua, sworn, says he knows the House lots claimed by Keahokalole at Kaawaloa, Hawaii. The first one is fenced all round with a stone wall.

It is bounded:
Makai by the sea shore
On Kailua side by the Government land
Mauka by the land of Kahaku and Awahua
and on the other side by the road.

Claimant derived this lot from her ancestors, who held it from very ancient times. There is a stone house and several grass houses in it, belonging to claimant, besides a Tomb.

The second Lot is called "Aeoili" and is fenced all round.
It is bounded:
Makai by Government land
On Kailua side by the same
Mauka the same
On the side next the Pali by the Road.

Claimant derived this lot from her ancestor, who held it from olden times.

Witness knows the three House Lots in Kealakeakua claimed by Keohokalole. The first Lot is called "Kulou" and is fenced in.

It is bounded:
Ma ....

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.... hupuaa, Kula, Maui.
Kuikuiaeo ahupuaa, Kula, Maui.
Muolea, Hana, Maui.

Kealakekua, Kona, Hawaii.
Kaawaloa ahupuaa, Kona, Hawaii.
Onouli ahupuaa, Kona, Hawaii.
Keahuolu ahupuaa, Kona, Hawaii.
Pau ahupuaa, Kohala, Hawaii.
Paauhau ahupuaa, Hamakua, Hawaii.
Puna ahupuaa, Puna, Hawaii.
Keaiwa ahupuaa, Kau, Hawaii.
Kawela ahupuaa, Kau, Hawaii.

With appreciation,
A. Keohokalole,
Honolulu, Jan. 3, 1850

Resolved, that the Minister of the Interior be and is hereby authorized to transfer to the list of lands belonging to Keohokalole, Kaapuna, Kona, Hawaii, and Aapueo 2, Kula, Maui, and transfer to the Government and list one of the Alae"s in Kula, Maui, in lieu of Aapueo 2, sold by Kapaakea through mistake.

By order of Privy Council
December 22, 1850
Resolved, that the Government shall accept the division of lands of the chiefs as made by them, and those laid off for the Government shall be the government third of their lands.
By order of the King and Council
August 27th, 1850

I hereby certify the foregoing to be true copies of the original documents now on file in this Department.
(sign) A.G. Thurston, Chief Clerk, Interior Department
November 9th, 1853

[Award 8452; (Hawaii) R.P. 7693; Honohina Hilo; 1 ap.; (Ap 18) Ahupuaa 6000 Acs; Kawela Kau; 1 ap.; R.P. 6886; Kawela Kau; 1 ap.; 3050 Acs; R.P. 7533, 3607; Kealakekua S. Kona; 1 ap.; 10160 Acs; Land Patent 8385; (4 ap in ) Kaawaloa S. Kona; 1 ap.; .75 Acs;Kaawaloa S. Kona; 1 ap.; .57 Ac.; Kaawaloa S. Kona; 1 ap.; 1.5 Acs; Kaawaloa S. Kona; 1 ap.; 1.47 Acs; R.P. 4386, & 4385;  R.P. 7532; Kaawaloa S Kona; 1 ap. 2100 Acres; R.P. 7146; Onouli S Kona; 1 ap.; 1165 Acs ahupuaa (ap. 11); R.P. 4386; Keahuolo N. Kona; 1 ap.; 4071 Acs; Land Patent 6886; Paauhau Hamakua; Land Patent 8123; Paauhau Hamakua, 1 ap.; (Ap.14) 8165 Acs; Land Patent 8083, Pau N. Kohala; 1 ap.; 58.5 Acs (Ap. 13); R.P. 7788; Puua Puna; 1 ap.; 4919 Acs; R.P. 4387; Puna; 1 ap.; ahupuaa; R.P. 6886; Kawela Kau; R.P. 7876; Keaiwa Kau; 1 ap.; 2078 Acs ahupuaa; (Maui) R.P. 4388; 1 ap. Aapueo Kula Ahupuaa; Alae 3 Kula 1 ap. (ahupuaa), Kamehame Kula, R.P. 4388 & 7453 Kealahou 3-4 Kula; R.P. 4388 & 7453; Koheo 2 Kula Ahupuaa Ap. 19; R.P. 4388; Kukuiaeo Kula, Muolea Hana, Paeohi Lahaina; Kukuiokaea Kula Ahupuaa Ap. 7; R.P. 4386 & 7876; (Oahu) Malaekahana Koolauloa R.P. 5616; Kapiwai Pauoa R.P. 4389; Hamohamo Waikiki R.P. 5588 & Land Patent 8330; Kahana Koolauloa R.P. 4387]