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Claim Number: 00456
Claimant: Kaai
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku
Ahupuaa: Waikapu
Ili: Kaaikao, Punia, Ahuakolea, Mohoana
Statistics: 7931 characters 1366 words
No. 456, Kaai, Waikapu
N.R. 177v2

Hear ye, you two Land Commissioners: I have a right to 3 taro patches, Aikao, Aipelu, Kumuhonua, Maluae is occupied; also eight new taro patches.

N.T. 179-181v2
No. 456, Kaai

Haa, sworn by the Word of God, I have seen the place Kaai is claiming. It has within the enclosed property, two patches named Kaaikao and Kaaiopelu is the name of the other [patch]. I had these three patches built by rental service, also there is an extra dry land taro patch. Kumuhonua was leased for fish; Maluae was a patch which his father had built; still another patch was leased for clothes, and one patch which was a moo named Aiopelu. I had it leased myself and that is Kaai's right to the present time and no one has objected to him.

Keahini, sworn, by the Bible, I have seen the Aikao's three patches. I have seen also some other patches which Kaai has now and he has lived there since a long time ago. He had received this [right] from his parents, but there has been objections to his life there. Aiopelu and Maluae have been taken by the government. The officers and Kekauluohi's attendant made a division and some of those patches became a prison. Continued page 201, Volume 10.

N.T. 201-204v10
No. 456, Kaai (from page 180, vol. 2), 18 February 1853

Testimony of the witnesses for Kaai's claim in Waikapu of 3 patches, called "Kaaikao."
Haa, sworn, I have seen one of Kaai's patches named "Kaaikao" in the ili of Ahuakolea in Waikapu, it has been divided into two patches at this time. The third patch is in the ili of Punia in Waikapu.

Keaho, Kaai's own father, had leased these patches for the goats he had received from Keaka and Keoki. These patches were first dug during the time of Kamehameha I, no work was done by a mass of people during the time I had been the konohiki. Poalima was only initiated during Kaai ....

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.... e others to prepare the taro for the chiefs and we continued to do the same during Kaai's time, the poalima weed and planted. I did not see any poalima work for the patch in Punia.

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I had seen many people at work on those patches of the (Kaaikao) during the time Haa was konohiki. Therefore, those patches had been a poalima and I had seen the chiefs take taro from there. I had gone to that place in Waikapu for the first time with King Liholiho in 1819, probably. The patches were being dug with hired help by Keako of Kaahumanu's goats at that time. It was confirmed by the royalties that the goats were from Kaahumanu and Keaho had hired them for the tenants.

During the time I had been tax assessor for Maui here, the Kaaikao in Ahuakolea were serviced by poalima. I did not see the patches in Punia, Koele was the proper name at the time and cultivation was done by the poalima.
See page 206.

N.T. 206v10
No. 456, Kaai, 2 March 1853

Keaho, sworn, I have seen his patches in Waikapu, Maui - 2 land sections.

Section 1 - Patch, Kumuhonua ili of Ahuakolea.
Section 2 - Patch, Nohoana ili of Mohoana.

Section 1 -
Mauka by Government, pasture land
Waihee by "Aikao," disputed land
Makai and Kula by "Aiopehu" patch.

Section 2:
Mauka by Hika's land
Waihee by Kulaia's land
Makai by Eeka's land
Kula by a stream.

These patches to Keaho were from his father, Kaai at the time of Kamehameha I and he has always cultivated them in Nohoana, peacefully to the present. The patch Kumuhonua had been leased by the government to Joe Pukiki (Portuguese) from 1848-1852, it has been left idle to the present time.

Kahelelua, sworn, every statement above is true, I have known in the same way.

[Award 456; R.P. 5006; Kaaikao Waikapu Wailuku; 1 ap.; .13 Ac.; (Gr. 2609); Punia Waikapu Wailuku; 1 ap.; .13 Ac.; Also see 5774]