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Claim Number: 00443
Claimant: Richardson, John
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku, Hana
Ahupuaa: Waikapu, Hana
Ili: Kukuialaimaka, Oloewa
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No. 443, John Richardson, Wailuku, Maui, February 19, 1848
N.R. 165-167v2

To the Honorable Land Commissioners, Greetings: I hereby state our claims to the land (children of George Richardson.) 1. Kuikuialainaka, at Waikapu, Maui,

On the north is Loaloa, and on the south is Haanui, on the east is Kapalaalaea and on the west is Palailaiha. I also send herewith a diagram of this land.

2. Oloewa, at Hana, Maui; on the south is Ihuula and the north is Paauhau. It lies from the shore to the mountain /where the/ olona grows, then the lands that are quite close drop away and it becomes mountainous /Translator's note: According to D. Barrere, from re-search in Kamakau, kuahiwi olona is that area of mountain forest, at the base of a waterfall, or where there is seepage of water, where the olona grew. The fibers of olona were valued for making cordage./

I heard that it was Ke/e/aumoku who gave that land to our father. The reason this land was given our father was not clearly explained, it was only heard. Perhaps William Shaw is the one who really knows, and some natives, and some haoles who lived with Ke/e/aumoku. These were our father's lands until he died and Hoapili ma left these lands with us. The man who knows of this is William Richards, also William Humphreys and Z. Kaauwai. William Humphreys and our mother gave a sum of money to Hoapili Wahine on the day it wa ....

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.... d "Paauhau ahupuaa".

John Richardson had received this land from his parents and his father had received it from Keeaumoku, the Governor Chief of Maui. Hana was Keeaumoku's own province so he had given one of his ahupuaa of this province to John Richardson's father. Upon the death of his father, he had bequested this land to this person (John Richardson) for the welfare of his children who are now still living there from the beginning to the present day.

I had first seen these people's land when their caucasian father had received it in 1829, but John Richardson's father had it previous to this time.

I personally had heard Mrs. Hoapili give this land to these people in 1835, without any objections whatsoever and they have lived there always to the present day.

William Richards and William Humprheys also had heard Mrs. Hoapili on that day as she gave the land. I had also seen these people's mother offer Mrs. Hoapili some money on that day, the amount of which I have not known.

There were some other Caucasians too, that Keeaumoku had given land permanently where they have always lived to the present time. Their lands have never been taken away, these are for them forever.

[Award 443; R.P. 497; Kukuialaimaka Waikapu Wailuku; 1 ap.; 6.3 Acs; R.P. 4469B; Oloewa Hana; 1 ap.; 211 Acs; See also Award 920; Gr. 877, Gr. 2070, Gr. 2007]