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Claim Number: 08102
Claimant: Hapuku
Other claimant:
Other name: Kapuku
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Manawai
Ili: Apakahekili
Statistics: 3663 characters 542 words
No. 8102, Hapuku, Manawai, Molokai, February 3, 1848
N.R. 227-228v7

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I have a claim in an `ili in the Ahupua`a of Manawai, Island of Molokai. The name of the `ili is Apakahekili; in this `ili there are two lo`i which I made with my own hands. One lo`i is 8 fathoms by 5 fathoms and the other is 10 fathoms by 7 fathoms. I have 2 pauku of kula, mauka.

My house lot is 43 fathoms and a yard by 30 fathoms. That is my claim which is stated to you, the Commissioners to quiet land titles.

F.T. 19v6
No. 8102, Hapuku

Kaluau, sworn, says, claimantsl land lies in ili Apakahekili, Manawai.

Part 1st, kalo.
Mauka, Kaluau
Ualapue, Uaiakolo
Makai, Kahakani
Ohia, pali.

Part 2. Kula.
Mauka, Kaluau
Ualapue, Kahoohala
Makai, Luaka
Ohia, pali. ....

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.... ue by Uahaiaholo
Makai by Kahahane
Ohia by Kuaana.

Section 2 - Pasture land.
Mauka by Kaluau
Ualapue by Kahoohalahala
Makai by Luaka
Ohia by pali.

Section 3 - Pasture land.
Mauka by Luaka
Ualapue by stream
Makai by Pohakaakaa
Ohia by pali.

Section 4 - Pasture land.
Mauka by Luaka
Ualapue by Uahaiaholo
Makai by Kapono
Ohia by pali.

Section 5 - Pasture land.
Mauka by road
Ualapue by Keonea
Makai by Nawahie
Ohia by Keaki.

Hapuku began to live there at the time of Hoonaulu in 1839. No one has objected to him.

Kuaana, sworn, they have known same.

N.T. 39v16
No. 8102, Hapuku, 3 November 1853

Testimony found on page 19, volume 6, of the Foreign Testimony.

[Award 8102; R.P. 6696; Manawai Kona; 1 ap.; 1 rood]