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Claim Number: 07775
Claimant: Kahuaina
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Kewalo, Auwaiolimu, Kaakaukukui
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No. 7775, Kahuaina, Honolulu, Oahu, December 15, 1847
N.R. 458-460v5

To the Honorable Land Commissioners, Greeting: I hereby state my claims for land:

First. A land at Kewalo in Honolulu. I got this land in 1836 from Ihu and I have held this land since, with no opposition. It has been surveyed and the diagram is below:

[DIAGRAM] [Numbered 1; Original image is upside down in text]

The survey is as follows: Beginning at the south corner next to Kapaloa, the first side running along the brink of the ko`ele of Pohu /Pehu/.

North 29° West 1 chain 46 10/12 feet to the land of Pahoa, thence running between it and this land
North 62°  30' East 13 6/`12 feet, turning
North 19° West 3 chains 3 7/12 feet to the land of Pahoa, turning
North 26° West 3 chains 51 1/12 feet to the wall of Keopu, then turning and running on the outside of this wall,
North 28° 30' East 2 chains 64 feet to the land of Kanealii, then turning
South 23° East 2 chains, turning
South 18° East 4 chains 59 5/12 feet to the land of Kamakee, then turning
South 69° West 1 chain, turning
South 15° 30' East 3 chains 25 9/12 feet to the land called Kapaloa, then turning to the place of beginning
South 65° West 50 10/12 feet
This land contains an area of 1 acre 696 fathoms 33 feet) square.
Surveyed by George Richardson

Kahuaina, December 2, 1847
Second, a land at Kaakaukukui, for my wahine. The first kane of of my wahine got this land in the time of Kamehameha I. On his death his wahine became mine and that is the reason this land has become mine. I have held that land in peace, with no opposition from any one. This place has been surveyed and the diagram is below

[DIAGRAM] [Numbered 2]

The survey is as follows: Beginning at the south corner along the ko`ele of Pehu, the first side running
North 21 West 2 chains 44 3/12 feet to the land of Kau, then turning
North 71 East 54 9/12 feet to the land of Namoenaelua, turning
South 23 East 2 chains 39 7/12 feet to the ko`ele of Pehu, turning again to the place of beginning
South 63 30' West 1 ....

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.... o patches:
Mauka and Waikiki and completely around, Mahuka.

3. 2 taro patches - the boundaries of which are:
Mauka, konohiki
Waikiki, Kepoo
Makai and completely around, Mahuka.

He had received this place from Aia and Aia had received it from Umiokalani during the time of Poki and he lived there until his death in 1837. Then he had bequested it to Kaaukai, his wife. and she lived there to 1847 at which time Pehu made a protest.

Kalinaina, sworn, We both have known similarly about Pehu's complaint. There was no reason for it except that while I was living there as a school teacher, the land had become a loss, according to Pehu. However, I have been paying $4.50 yearly to the present time. Those parcels of land are in Mahuka's care at this time.

Kepoo /Female /, sworn, I have seen these parcels of land which belong to Kaaukai, the wife of Aia. It had been a taro moo during the time of Pehu. She has five patches; the koele Paepae is a konohiki interest.

Kainoino, sworn, I have seen Aia's interest at Kaakaukukui in Honolulu district. He has 9 patches and the tenth /patch/ is a koele named Paepae, all in 4 parcels of land. Paepae had been acquired during the lifetime of Poki and he continuously lived there until Pehu had stirred in 1847. Mahuka acquired it permanently in 1849.

Namoanaelua, sworn, I have seen his /Kahuaina/ parcels of land at Kaakaukukui. He has 9 patches and the patch Paepae is a koele. Kaumaumakea had planted taro and after it had been harvested, Kaumaumakea had died and the land was bequested to Pehu in 1828. The work of that patch was left to Aia only. The natives of that land did not help in the least. In the year 1846, Pehu took the land but did not work on it immediately so Kaaukai planted taro. When it was matured, Pehu died and the land was for Mahuka. Mahuka urged Kaaukai to take the taro while the soil remained his as a konohiki.

Postponed until witnesses of both sides are again available.

[Award 7775; R.P. 1802; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .1.05 Acs; Kaakaukukui Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; .55 Ac.; Kewalo Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 1.53 Acs]