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Grant Number(LG)8041Source Book:45
Grantee: Oahu Railway and Land Company Acreage:0.072 Ac.
Ahupua`aHonolulu, Kuwili Year1922
District:Kona, Honolulu CancelledFalse
IslandOahu TMK
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No. 8041, Oahu Railway and Land Co. Kuwili Ili, Honolulu Ahupuaa,, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Vol. 45, pps. 177-180 [LG Reel 20, 006085-00612.tif]

Land Patent No. 8041


By this Patent the Government of the Territory of Hawaii, in conformity with the laws of the United States of America and of the Territory of Hawaii, makes known to all men that he has this day granted and confirmed unto OAHU RAILWAY AND LAND COMPANY for the consideration of SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE Dollars $7195.00, paid into theTreasury, and in conformity with the provisions of Section 73 of the Hawaiian Organic Act, and in pursuance of the provisions of Sections 342 and 358 of the Revised Laws of Hawaii of 1915, all of that land situate at KUWILI in the District of HONOLULU /KONA Island of OAHU bounded and described as follows:

Sold at Public Auction March 31, 1922
Government Remnant (A) Registered Map 2535, 5th Land District.

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.... ote:] 0.072 Acre
Containing         20,555 Square Feet          Acres, more or less.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above granted Land unto the said OAHU RAILWAY AND LAND COMPANY and its successors heirs and assigns forever.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF,the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii has hereto set his hand and caused the Great Seal of the Territory to be hereunto affixed, this 11th day of April 1922.

W.R. Farrington
Governor of Hawaii
C.T. Bailey
Commissioner of Public Lands

The above exchange was approved by the Board of Public Lands September 13, 1921.
A.N. Hughes
Member, Board of Public Lands, Territory of Hawaii

Approved as to Form
J. Lightfoot
Deputy Attorney General

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[Land Patent Grant No. 8041, Oahu Railway and Land Co. Kuwili Ili, Honolulu Ahupuaa,, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, 20,555 Square Feet (0.072 Acre), 1922]